Nice packaging, Annie’s

Another brilliant packaging innovayshe, this one from Annie’s Organics. They should have spelled it "Tailio" tho.


Way to keep those eyes open AT ALL TIMES, Cuteporter JBZ!



Um, buns don’t get more redonk than this. Just what is happening here?

Misguided leapfrog? Hover bun run out of power?


Niki F., we know you put them like that…

// …hmm, looks like this pic got submitted elsewhere, too! //

And for my next trick…

…I will make this miniature, delicious bun disappear…


Protegido, originally uploaded by Fernando Amutio.

Tiny Glurps to Pointer-Outer Katia 😉

Pocket warmer

More snorgleable than a hot water bottle,
more comforting than a glass of warm milks, it’s…


, originally uploaded by rudi_rabbit.


Bunday: world dominayshe edition

Um, People? Are you kidding me?! I’m pretty moishe speechless here.

This bun is just taking over Monday—and so nonchalantly. He’s all: "oh.   hai."


Check out how "timid" he is, knowing FULL WELL that his powers are enveloping the entire northern hemisphere!

Is that evil paw tenting I see?!


And if that isn’t enough for you, how about this little FULL BODY POSE, that MAY REQUIRE CPR!?


Elias P., where have you been hiding this fifth element, this eighth wonder of the world, this TEENY BUN!?

Babysitter en route

Bunneh: Doo ta doo tah doo…

coming to babysit the dockehs again…


Chick: "Hi Behehsittoi!"


Bunneh: Now, you, young man, finish your Lunchabuhls…

[Chick, with awkward and gangly feet, pecks at crackers]


Bunneh: Lemme wipe those crumbs off your face. OK, time for an N-A-P.


Pointer-Outer Carly and photographer "Just Duckie"—really nice pointer-outering and photographering

Saved from the clutches of a kitteh

Sender-Inner Andrew J. bravely says: "Saw this little guy gettin’ beat on by the neighbor cat. Like some kind of Superman, I swooped down, and fended off the feline felon. He’s now sleepin’ one off in an old shoe box…"


GOOD WORK, Andrew J. Keeping the world safe, one delicious bunny toe at a time. [sigh.]

Look, it’s an ear bouquet!

If you grabbed all the ears on the right, and put a ree-bonn around them, it would be the best bouquet ever.

Also, love the mini-ear-length action on the left.

Do you carry the egg?, originally uploaded by vinka*.

Vinka, nice, soft, pettable job on this one.

THIS JUST IN: Bun slurpitude

Can you buh-leaf that someone sent in such a a pic so small and so fabulous?

Well believe it, People. It’s FOR REALS.


Way to make the most of your pixels, Kate.

“I hate to tell you this, Ma’am…

…But you’ve got buns on your foundation—they may causing your structural issues. They’re yin-yang buns at that—haven’t seen a case like this in a looong time."

[shakes head and writes on clipboard]

Buns in the basement

This is gonna cost ya, Shannon T.