“I hate to tell you this, Ma’am…

…But you’ve got buns on your foundation—they may causing your structural issues. They’re yin-yang buns at that—haven’t seen a case like this in a looong time."

[shakes head and writes on clipboard]

Buns in the basement

This is gonna cost ya, Shannon T.

This bunneh is giving The Vikings the bird

Yep. Another Packers fan upset at a missed field goal attempt.

Insta bird flip. (With outrageous neck roll!)


Susan H., I like the little Scotch-taped edges around this photo.

The Dewds are getting jeaaaaallllous! [singsong]

EVERYONE wants to be in the Chicks of Cute Overload.

Even Mr. December here:

Photo removed at request of owner.

Can’t beat a little bunny neck wrap, Lisa C.

More chick pix!

GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS [scream in Motleh Crüe voice]

Um, more girls are sending in their prosh, snuggling pics.


That looks like gooood times, Laura D. I think you can be Miss January.

Um, do we have to do a ‘Chicks of Cute Overload’ Calendar or something!?

Today is like, Chix ‘n’ Pets day or something. Here is yet ANOTHER Babe and her bebeh pet:


Eric S., If we’re gonna do this C.O. calendar, we need some red Ferarris as props. On the beach.

Hot! Crossed! Buns!

I wanna lie here, no I wanna lie here no I wanna lie here no I WANNA LIE HERE

hotcrossedbuns, originally uploaded by russellcalabrese.

It’s pun-tastic, Russell C.!

This one’s broken…

I guess I can’t join you in kitteh bocce with this ball.


You’re gonna have to get that fixed, Singing S. Looks like a "Life in Hell" comic bun, Non?


Get this Web site




That tiny bun giving the chin-kiss is the best, Sender-Inner Heather V. and Photographer Eric S.!

Amazingly distractingks!

Will you please check out the FEROCIOUS TACTICS used by "Nivea" the bun, to stop her owner from checking her teef.It worked.

Rebecca V. H., I posted this one faster than you could say; "no leecky!!!"

Oh, and also posted on CuteCast, natch.

The fastest snowball

The geniuses (genii) over at National Geographic are reporting this arctic hare can run up to 40 MPH. Wow, that is some really fast rolling.

National Geo is also offering wallpapéres of their bun photos!  Get them here


Excellent pointer-outering, Carolyn M. Photo by Paul Nicklen :D

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