I think I’ll get up.

On second thought…

Nyerhe!!! [Lowers hind quarters for another spell]

Fluffy, originally uploaded by Sjaek.

Jay to the S, rock and/or roll with your Flick-kare finds!


Roving Cuteporter: pet store bun caught on cameraphone

This bun is totally working the cameraphone with her tiny glurping action, check it:


It’s a good thing you sent this in right away, Steven B. We must report cuteness WHERE IT HIDES!

Why yes, I shall nibble upon thees

It looks most delectabuhls, and suits my sophisticated tastes, so indeed, I shall!

Mochi eating carrot, originally uploaded by Romy87.
Excellent Flickr find, Johanna S. 😉

Nothing to see here…

Keeeeeeeeep movin’.

Nothing to see here. No turkeys or—heh, rabbits for dinner—nothing of the sort—just keep movin’. I wouldn’t tast good at all. I’m like, mostly fluff, People.


He makes a good point, Jenny P….

Linens ‘n’ Tings Salesbun

[Brooklyn accent] Lady, we got’chur basic Fieldcrest towels right heah. [Shifty eyes] But I can see dat yous bein’ a woman of high quality yerselfs, you might prefuh d’ Egyptian cotton 1875-tread-counte variety. Am I right?


Or am I right, Julie P.?

Prepare for the snorgling of your life.

That’s what Nosevember is alllllll about. Unending, consistently given SNORGLING ATTACKS BY A HUGE-NOSED BUN

huge nose!, originally uploaded by April8th.

Wearing carrot perfume again, Caroline C.?

Paws up, teef out

Check out this guy, he’s all "arrrrrhnn." on that lettuce.

DOn’t miss the paws-up action as well. He’s totally beating us into submission with that extra touch.


Katie A., bunnular find…

Two carrots to go, please

and make it snappeh.

Johanna S.? Step on it!!!

Like you’ve never seen a bun on a leash in a sweatuew befow


Actually, I think it’s more of a "bun cozie".


Maeve D., a miniature hat with two ear holes STAT!

Bunnway Airlines, you have clearance, Over

Proceed to tarmac A12 for take-off, Over.

Do not stop for carrots, as this is a non-stop flight, Over.


LuvSoftBall, you are now free to move about the fur-covered cabin, Over