Rabbit Feet Peeeeellow

Burrrrr burrrrrrr burrrrrrrr [purring sound on bunny ‘tocks]

Rabbit Feet, originally uploaded by kellydna.

Hey Arlo R., go Paly Vikes!


Nose Twitch Central

These two buns are pushing the bunvelope. They must be stopped and no white plastic mesh fence can hold their cuteness at bay.

Ronnie, originally uploaded by Little Bay Poo.

Mimi Cuttest Bunny Ever!, originally uploaded by HIADA.

Loreh W., I completely disapprove of these photos (harumphing leeps)

The bunnular powers made me do it

I ken’t hep it. Bunnies just own this post-Easter week.

They’re creeping up on me, TELLING ME TO POST THEM. I must oblige.


Excellent table leg for scale you taunting beeyatches photographer Sophia R. and Tiffany S. 😛

You seem… how you say? Tense to dee toche

Here, you must let me massage all dee cares a-way. Look! look at dee cares as dey leaf!

Bye-bye cares. Bye-bye.


Dee cares. They are gone, Jill P. Gone.

My job is done. See you next year.

Happy third birthday to Easter bun "Pancake J. Wrble", shown here having just orchestrated another challenging egg hunt.


Wendy L., nice end to this Sunday. See you all tomorrow.

I hid dee eggs

You weel neverrr find dem. [scampers away]

Baby Bunnies – Day 16, originally uploaded by Oh Joy!.

Easter Bunny Preparay-shons

Mr. Bunny, let’s get your ears ready for tomorrow.

Ehn ehn ehn [massaging sounds]

Thanks to the 1.3 meellion Peeps who sent this in, espesh Janet G.

Another afternoon wasted

Hey Rudy—you up for some BioShock?


Rudy: Yeah. [Ehn! pushes buttons at lightning speed]


Stacey A. wanna play Rock Band? I get drums.

I need my rubber duckie and a martini. IN THAT ORDER!

Oh, and push the button for the jets, would ya?

bunny bath, originally uploaded by sdaggar.

Thanks for rockin’ the wet pawsitude, Lexi F.!

THIS JUST IN: artisteeq rendition of a post

Artiste Leanne F. just sent in her rendition of this "outrageous bun ‘tocks" post.

"Disapproving Bunnies" wants to be an entire comic book, doesn’t it?