Major Cheeks, Reporting for Duty

Did you know that Cute Overload has powerful new audience camera technology where we can actually SEE site visitors as they browse photos?

It’s true.

I bring this up to let "Jill M." in Ohio know this bunny can’t kiss her back.


Sir Cheeks-a-Lot, otherwise known as Macro-Bunny, originally uploaded by Danz in Tokyo.

When it’s ‘Tocktober, I sit like dees

But ONLY in ‘Tocktober.

Enjoy it while it lasts. [shifts tail a little]


Oh, we’re enjoying it, Sender-Inner Maeve and ‘Tocker Charlotte.

Buns in Sweateuws!!!

And you thought AMERICA was a great country?

Ah-uhn. [Shaking head]

That honor goes to the Bun-in-Sweateuw Sidewalk-Sale-a-Thon Genii over in SOUTH KOREA, Baby.

Give it up.


Cute Overload XTreme Bun-in-Sweateuw Close-Up (C.O.X.B.S.C.U.):


Marie O., can you puhlease tell us the background here for crying out loud?

When “Snaggle” adopted “Bubbles”

Once upon a time, with a jazzy soundtrack, a kitteh named "Snaggle puss" adopted a behbeh rabeet named "Bubbles".

Why do I have an overwhelming urge to shoot a basket from the three point line, Amelia T.?!

But… I…

How much do you LOVE IT when a little ani-pal puts a paw up tenatively and is all: "But… I" Like he’s gonna ask something.

I know—insta head-tilt/Ahn! action.


This one goes out to Cristal and Jon. I hope your eyes open soon, Sender Inners George and Becky…

THIS JUST IN: A Baby bun and Ba-ba

Wearing a bonn-bonn.

And a diaper thing.

Drinking chocolate meelks.


Redonkulous, Rachel B. Of course it’s completely ‘Shopped from the genii over at

2 Bunnies 1 Nozzle


Mireyita, holler back with an update when you can afford two nozzles.


This is no regular Disapproving rabbit People.

This rabbit is downright crankeh.


Gøril A and Brutus the bun, um, have a, um, nice Saturday night. Good luck with that.

Meanwhile, at Cottontail’s Hideout…

"Awright, youse mugs, listen up! We’re knocking over McGregor’s First National Bank, see, and I don’t want no slip-ups! 

Bugsy, you drive the getaway car. Roger, you blow up the safe.

And Flopsy, you stare disapprovingly at the security guard!  Now, hop to it, see?  Nyeeaaahh!"

Daaaawww, tell me again about the humans, George!

This looks like a case for Elliot Nuff and his Untouchables, Amanda L.

Our bunny morsels come in many flavors

The Eucalyptus Hills Rabbitry is sporting some sweet new buns, ready for a soft kronsche.

Take your pick. We’ve got Cookies ‘n’ Cream:


A Mini-Cinnie Toast Crunch:


A delicious Vanilla Marshmallow:


Um, ‘Dust Bunny':


Marble Fudge (Plastic Doll Eye topping is extra)


Rocky Road Hare Junior:


And finally, Disapproving Vanilla Fudge.


Allison B., one snorg of each, please.


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