See, Ma? If hoomins can take selfies, then buns can too!

“A few more selfies of me and my bunderful bun on Bunday!! I promise we weren’t on a roller coaster and this wasn’t photoshopped! Just a lucky shot of a sleepy yawning Dust bunny that looks like he’s laughing!!” -Natalie W.


OK, Arturo. But You Must Allow Us to Boop Your Nose

“My name is Arturo. I live in Italy with my dear human mom, Anna. My mom is always amused by the beautiful pictures people submit to you. I would like to be part of those pictures! Hope you’ll fulfil my wish. My mom and I have spent a long time together since 2002, the year I was born. Last year my doctor said I had cancer in my left paw but, with his help and the help of my mom, I’ve done my best to fight against my illness. I’m 11 years old today, June 8th, and we couldn’t even imagine we would have gotten so far!”

Bunnies have a blind spot right in the front so if you would kindly boop from the side, thanks.