After a Long Day

These lucky Japanese peeps like to go out fo’rabbit to a cafe’ that’s really hopping, where you can say to your date, “Please, this one’s on me”, and bunnies are lapin it up!

Rabbit Cafe in Yokohama, Japan featured on UZOOUK via YouTube.

WHERE Is The Old Man??

Bunbun, chill! Santa’s not ’til the 25th. Ten more days!

“Hi! I have been following your site for several years and am quite a fan :-). This is Bunbun enjoying Christmas. He’s a wonderful little pet. He is super gentle and has a great little personality. He loves everyone…except my daughter’s kittens who he is frantic to chase out of ‘his territory.’ Being only about a pound and a half each, they are obviously a true threat!” -Harmony P.

I Taw Whut You Did

Pssst, hey kid, I know where you threw your cawwots when your Mom wasn’t lookin’.

Super cute bunny via Reddit.

Binkies Make Everything Better

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly and bunnies gotta bink! And bink and bink and bink. Bink, bink, bink.

Hold on to something for this one, ’cause the room’s going to start spinning! Go, Billy, gooo! (makes dizzy eyes)

Cute baby Bunny Binkies via YouTube and A Happy Bunny, via YouTube


What could be better than a chubbular BUN? Well, a chubbular BUN in SUPAH SLO-MO!

“Bunny ear scratch slow motion on Instagram by @bigbunnycheeks. There’s some extra cute full-bunny undulation happening here for sure

Who Brings a Stuffy to the Vet?

This super plush bunneh does look kinda stuffed, doesn’t it? In a Gund kinda way. Not in a, “I ate to moishe” kinda way …(shifty eyes).

“My bunny Zofia, at the vet for a check-up. The vet tech held her up so the vet could trim her nails, but she wasn’t too happy about it.” -Laurie S.

Hoppin’ and a-Boppin’ on a Bunday

Time to get movin’! We got a couple floofin’ and groovin’, toe tappin’, finger snappin’, swing time bunnehs, snazzing and jazzing up your sleepy bunday morning!

“My husband and I recently adopted two bunnies. The lop-eared bun is named Oliver (code name: Grumpnugget), and the regal lionhead is Benedict. Here is a short video from playtime this Saturday. Benedict loves basil, and Oliver loves flopping.” -Sarah M., via YouTube (Music, “Here’s Us”, by Nekta)

This Bunneh is Ear-resistable

This is Manny. Manny is so cute you will want to give him a treat. And he will ALWAYS know when you have one.

“We have some really funny cute videos of Manny “binking” around the house like a Matrix rabbit. We will send one soon. I love this one of him sitting all proper. He just needs a top hat and a bow tie!” -Maddy, Jodi and Jacy (11yo), Madeline T.

Have A Bunderful Sunday!

Or is that a “Sunderful Bunday?” Whatever. Hey, meet Mabel, willya?

“A baby bun, small in stature but ascending quickly to heights of Bun-dom,” says Mabel’s hoomin, Coleen P.

“We live in Paris. She enjoys books, and her Moose, and her Platypus.”

“Thanks for a great site. I’ve been a fan for years and the photos/commentary always make for a smile.”

“My best to you, Coleen P.”

C’est notre plaisir, Coleen.

Bunday: Talk To The ‘Tock, Willya?

[It's Bunday, and I can't be bothered with your mwah mwah mwah.]

“Our bunny Stella Blue demands petting. When she doesn’t get it, we get The ‘Tock Treatment, and she turns around to make sure we’ve noticed.” -Carlos S.