It’s Mother’s Day (AND Bunday)

chico2a“Most women like jewelry for Mother’s Day…my hubby knows me pretty well. Introducing Monchichi! AKA “Chico,” our newest addition to the family! He’s a 5 month old “otter” colored Netherland Dwarf. Feelin’ the love over here, in Texas, Happy Mother’s Day!!” -Natalie W.

You Know Nothing, Bun Snow

Meanwhile, in the Great Hall, the King Peter Rabbit sits upon his Carrot Throne, forged from the spoils of his many successful raids upon the House of McGregor…


Via Adam Rifkin on Pandawhale.

BONUS: Go behind the scenes at Game of Buns, and see how they strike the set!

Via WallaceTheMadKing on YouTube.

Bunday Morning Snax

It’s early Bunday morning- why not invite a few friends over for a snack or two? Mmmmm, lettuce! Make sure to share if your friend doesn’t have enough!




(I Have Seen The Whole Of The Internet.)

SOMEone Disapproves Of Bunday

Bunbun1“BunBun approves of this GIF of him disapproving!” -Natalie W.

Spend Your Bunday In Bed

You have now entered The Big J Zone: Rikki and Yui hunker down in their very..own..bed.

From Andrew Y. as seen here.

We Like Big Buns And We Cannot Lie (Part III)

[*Note: Here are Parts I and II; Ed.]

Thought about giving BUNDAY a week off, to rest up from last week’s Easter Bunday Mini-Marathon– but we can’t do that, ’cause THIS Bun is ANYTHING BUT Mini. Meet Jeff- at 3 foot 8 inches, he’s the second largest Bun in the world. His DAD Darius is the largest!


Andrew Y. spotted this on BuzzFeed.

Bunday: Glad We Cleared THIS Up

Because, well, yeah. You know, it’s, well, uh-huh. OK. Sure. Fine. Whatever.


C.O. Wallpaper Of The Month (April Bonus!)

Click and save! It’ll make you Hoppy!

April 2015 Easter
Image from Shutterstock.

Bunday Morning Request

This bunny makes me smile on a daily basis. - Imgur[Would you mind fixing me carrots for breakfast and bringing it to me here in bed? I’m just too comfy to move. Pllllllease? Thank-you.] (Reddit.)

Bunday BFFs

[Move OVER Cat, I wanna snuggle. Or is it…SNORGLE. Whatever.]

Seen here by Andrew Y.


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