Bunday: I’ll Have A Little Shadow With My Cocoa, Please

photo 3Bunday Cuddles- what could be better! Mark S. says “Shadow is the grey male, and Cocoa is the lop, light brown larger female. He lost his buddy several months ago :( and we wanted to find him a new mate. Success!!”

photo 1

photo 2

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Bunday Buffet

unnamedD. Jared D. writes in: “Say hello to Ensign Wesley Cutiepants and Fluffer Nutter. The cage behind them is because, despite the excellent buffet we provide in our garden, Wesley (a wild, native cottontail) has a particular fondness for our seedlings. Fluffer Nutter is a ceramic lop, but she’s apparently not very good at guarding the garden.”

Bunday Morning Peekaboo

Only minimal disapproval in this one, sorry. Courtesy of your friends Rikka and Yui.

(Spotted by Andrew Y.)

Bunday: Rule Of Cuteness #11 If You Please

IMG_2613Remember Rule of Cuteness #11: “A cute animal + food = even cuter.” At least we think that’s food he has! Sarah L. says that’s “Clint (light grey) and CeCe (furry lion head.)”


Bunday Super Double Triple Disapproval!!!

4691235067_a7ab0e9339_oCan’t get much more disapproving than this, can we? (Flickr.)

Coolin’ It On A Bunday

Rikka & Yui can’t make up their mind on how to spend their Bunday. Nom bananas, stretch out on the cool cage floor, disapprove of…something. Sounds like a plan!

(From Andrew Y.)

Bunday Ear Nomming

10672264_728905206777_3443382940907913873_n[I think the cat is asleep. BOY that ear looks tasty. Maybe I can move in for a quick nom…..]

“I recently adopted an 8 week old kitten who we named Oscar. After some initial fear, our resident house bunny (Bun) has taken a liking to Oscar and vice versa! Hoping they will grow to be best of friends!” -Dana Z.

Bunday: We Know THAT Look

2129580817_25dddcc92a_oWhy, that’s Disapproving Side-Eye, that’s what THAT is. (Bruna The Bun, from Flickr.)

Bunday: Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands Paws!

REMEMBER the old saying: Cleanliness is next to Godliness! And, er, Bunliness. (Is that a word? If not—it should be!)

Click It Or Ticket!

It’s the first day of summer, and many of us are headed off on the highways to who knows where. So let’s be careful out there- make sure to buckle up. (Hey! Little Dude! Don’t forget the seat belt, OK?)


(Andrew Y./RN 24)


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