I Crown Thee

Sir Buns-a-Lot. Protector of Carrots.

This Bunday coronayshe sent in by Mereiam H., photo by Rosuuuu ✂


Bunday Handout

As part of the National Bunnification Initiative, everyone gets a free bunny!

Full story from Flickr user Susan G.: “My son came across this wee bunny when trimming the grass. A little while later, he set it free to be with his family — away from harm’s way!”

Sleepy Twitchy Bunday

Thank you, Mr. Clooney, I would like another carrot… unfth… zzzzz…

This cloud was the perfect place to have a picnic, Your Majesty… grrzgh… arth…

Why is Mr. MacGregor juggling in a strapless evening gown?… ehnf… pthhh…

We’ll let her sleep in a few more minutes, Mai E.

Pssssst… Who’s that weird new kid?

Holy Mismatched Slippers!

Sender-Inner Samaja says that Ethel, third bunny from left, is a rebel who wears all white, even after Labor Day.

Bunday Overload

You thought Bunday was over!

But…it’s not!


You must!

Choke down!

More Bunday bunnies!


More pink schnozzles! with quivering leeps!



Binkie Bunny

I blame this Bun-O-verload on Bee Honeydew.


As the sun sets over this great land, we’re greeted with a floppular Lion Head bun. Perfect with a glass of Chardonnay.

[Clinking of cocktail glasses with] After the Rain Rabbitry.

Grumpular Bunday

Both grumpular and prosh at the same time?



Broccoli By Bee Honeydew, brings on The Grumps.

Your Bunday offering, Suh [head bow]

When their paws are up, they slide down your froat easier.

No please, you first, Jordan P.

THIS JUST IN: Bun noms daisy

For your nibbling Bunday pleasures:

Delicious thanks to Mary C. of Animal Advocates.

I’m detecting microscopic amounts of cuteness


Tori S. says: “One of the biology professors at my college breeds angora rabbits. She brings them in for the students to help socialize, so they’ll be nicer pets (don’t worry, they’re not for experiments!!!) It couldn’t be better timing than right now, what with finals coming up and everything. So, a bunch of us took picture of/with the bunnies.”