Bunday Ear Nomming

10672264_728905206777_3443382940907913873_n[I think the cat is asleep. BOY that ear looks tasty. Maybe I can move in for a quick nom…..]

“I recently adopted an 8 week old kitten who we named Oscar. After some initial fear, our resident house bunny (Bun) has taken a liking to Oscar and vice versa! Hoping they will grow to be best of friends!” -Dana Z.

Bunday: We Know THAT Look

2129580817_25dddcc92a_oWhy, that’s Disapproving Side-Eye, that’s what THAT is. (Bruna The Bun, from Flickr.)

Bunday: Don’t Forget To Wash Your Hands Paws!

REMEMBER the old saying: Cleanliness is next to Godliness! And, er, Bunliness. (Is that a word? If not—it should be!)

Click It Or Ticket!

It’s the first day of summer, and many of us are headed off on the highways to who knows where. So let’s be careful out there- make sure to buckle up. (Hey! Little Dude! Don’t forget the seat belt, OK?)


(Andrew Y./RN 24)

Bunday: Hare With A Hoodie!

ChicoFrom Natalie W. on this Bunday/Father’s Day Afternoon: “Chico is a tiny rabbit, very sweet and docile. Because of his gentle nature it lends to being dressed up and carried around like a stuffed animal by my two young daughters, especially when they are cooped up in the house because of Tropical Storm Bill! I put the Topo “Chico” Mineral water next to him for reference to his size. He is almost one year old. He loves being featured on C.O. and would LOVE to be made into a Trading Card!!!”




Let’s Take A Bunday Trip To…

bunnyislandshrine(say like you’re in a big ominous-sounding echo chamber:) …DISAPPROVAL ISLAND!!!!

When we received the images for our latest edition of the C.O. Cat Café World Tour, Robb S. also said, “I know you’ve covered Rabbit Disapproval Island before, but my friend Jonelle went there very recently and got some pix, in case you’re interested.”

Interested? It’s BUNDAY for goodness sakes! Let’s hop to it!








Time 4 Some Bunday Cuddles

SONY DSCThis little critter would love to hop right up into your arms and cuddle for awhile. Got a few minutes? (Flickr.)

Hey! Anyone Seen My Carrots?

6916355630_bb045c9266_oWelcome to BUNDAY. We happily present you this fuzzy little Nugget Of Joy, as seen on Flickr. Next up—Bunday Morning Comix!

Best Buns You’ll See All Day

I-Photographed-and-documented-my-baby-bunnies-growing-up11__880Arefin03 of Dhaka, Bangladesh posted these photos online of his bebeh Buns. Quoting his BP post, “I hope that these photos will make people happy and put smiles on their faces – and also make them love bunnies more. Bunnies are wonderful animals – they have emotions and compassion like us humans, and I’ve felt it.” Well said.






Chico’s Bunday Nose Flapping

Is “Nose Flapping” a thing? Well, if it wasn’t…it is now.

*BUNDAY BONUS: Chico is joined by pals Bunbun and Shrimp for a little watermelon action.

(Natalie W.)


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