Looks Like SOMEone Disapproves Of SOMEthing

There’s a LOT of Leecking and Disapproving going on here!





Bored Panda.

Royal Disapproval

His Highness Bun-ness would like you to know that he disapproves. Of everything.

From Cutest Paw.

Wanna See Some Bunz? (Updated With Video!)

Tiny Bunz got displaced
And needed a place to stay
Lynne and her family took them in
And ended up saving the day!



“Our neighbor’s dogs dug up a cottontail’s nest in their backyard and the neighbors asked us to take them in since we have Buns of our own. So we have taken them in and are caring for them until they get big enough to let go. We thought you’d like to see a few pics of them as they are the cutest things in the universe.” – Lynne H., Colorado.

Lazy Bunday Morning

(At least in the Pacific Time Zone, it still is.)

Oreo: “So, Croc. What do you want to do today?”

Croc: “See what I’m doing now?”

Oreo: “Copy that.”

unnamed (3)
“This is a picture of my pet bunny Oreo and his unlikely crocodile friend – you can tell who is boss…” -Lisa.

Cinnamon and Squid Get Their Act Together

Now Showing: Two very versatile actors, Cinnamon the bun and Squid the kitty, performing the balcony scene from Aladdin, West Side Story, and Romeo and Juliet!

“Thank you for featuring our rabbit, Cinnamon! Thought I’d send along one more of him. He’s quite enamoured with one of our cats, Squid, so we’ve taken to calling him Pepe le Pew and Romeo. This is his attempt at reenacting the balcony scene from Romeo + Juliet. Squid isn’t quite sold.” -Maura C.

Bunday Wash Cycle

I will wash my leeps, but not my face, ok I will wash my face, but not my paws, ok I will wash my paws, but NOT BEHIND MY EARS. OK I will wash behind my ears, but that’s ALL!

Via Kyle H.’s YouTube.

Bunday: Disapproval Island UPDATE!

‘Member when we took a trip to The Big J’s Disapproval Island? Little less than a month ago. Well…Cuteporter Sarah P. sez…we missed a Bun.

“On this site, there was one photo that struck me as absolutely Cute Overload material. It’s the picture of 4 bunnies and one is looking up and licking his lips! SUCH a cute tongue.”

>OK, Sarah. But we did all these?

“Well yes, sort of. I apologize for not being faithful enough to realize you’d posted it. But you left out my fave picture. One day…when you revisit disapproval island (round 3, I guess) PLEASE try to include the picture in the screenshot attached.”

>Like Yul Brynner always says in The Ten Commandments: “So let it be written…so let it be done.”


実行する !それは Bunzilla です ! (Run! It’s Bunzilla!)

[There’s a new Godzilla movie coming out, and he trashes San Francisco. I don’t think Bunzilla here would do that. He might take all our lettuce and carrots, though. -Ed.]

“My boyfriend and I recently adopted a Bun in need of a new home. He arrived Easter night (not planned, I swear) and was bigger than we expected. His name’s Cinnamon, but he goes by Cinnabun, Bunzilla (obviously,) Bunarrific (because he’s great,) James Bun, and Bunston Churchill. He’s settling right in, eating ridiculous amounts of lettuce, and alternately enthralling and terrifying our cats Sailor and Squid. We’re madly in love with our new guy.”

bun meets world
From Maura C. (Japanese header in tribute to the old Toho movies.)

Do You Think It’s For me?

Prosh Raspberry. The newest shade from Maybunlinne.

Via YouTube.

Bunday Has A Sad: Farewell 2 Henry James Bunman

Clipboard01“Mr. Henry James Bunman, my very cherished and beloved lionhead rabbit, passed away very unexpectedly Thursday night. (I have the sads.) You have featured him on your site a few times before on account of he is the cutest, and I thought maybe you might want to feature him one last time. I will (and do) miss him very very much.” -Kate Q.


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