HA! You Blinked!

Hey, don’t run away! I wanna be friends! Wait! WAIT!!!


Bunday Ball O’ Bun

“We just spotted this tiny fluffeh ball of bun on our patio today. Who can resist a face like that? So. Adorable. Thought we’d share him with you! -Lynne from Colorado.”

TGIF: Bugsy’s First Berry

“Here is my ResQte Bun “Bugsy” eating his first ever strawberry. I hope you enjoy these pics/videos and thank you so much for all of the happiness that you spread! -Kendall B.

Bugsys first strawberry

FuBu SideEye

“This is FuBu. He is a Lionhead Bunneh, and he is amazing. Quite the beautiful bouffant, don’t you think?” –Catherine G.


Schnozzles NEEDED!

The end of ‘Tocktober 2014 is fast approaching, and you Nose what THAT means. We need your best Pet Schnozzles photos! All month long, we’re going to feature a varity of Prime Prosh Probosci. (Is that a word? The plural of “Proboscis?”) Anyways, you know what to do! Featured Bun Photo via Shutterstock.

Yesterday We Had Ducks & Hippos…

…today, it’s Giant Buns! As you recall, Monday we showed you the Big Ol’ Floating Hippo (and encore photos of the Big Yellow Duck in LA) that were created by artist Florentijn Hofman.

Well, another day, another giant Cute Creature. This time, Hofman’s taken the Easter Bunny to a different level. Eighty-two feet high, to be precise.

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This big critter is named “Moon Rabbit,” and here he is lounging on a former bunker in Taiwan.

Moon Rabbit is made of paper, wood, and styrofoam.

He’s (a big) part of an Autumn Festival. (Thanks for the info, Em D.)



More BOOM of Design.

Happy Hoppy Fourth, Mate!

“Here is a photo of our foster bunny Frank that I took. I thought his little hat would make him eligible for your 4th of July photos, even though I live in Australia and don’t celebrate that holiday. Hope he makes it on your site!” -Jamie S.

Today’s Toesday Bun: Presented In LulieVision*

For today’s Toesday feature, we’re givin’ ’em ALL to you. Just look at all those Beans!


“My first submission, i hope i did it correctly! [You did. Ed.] This is a Flemmish Giant rabbit, 1 week old. Eyes not even open yet. We have a small farm in Olympia W. with bunnies, chickens, geese, ducks, sheep and goats. Her momma only had 5 babies this time, so everyone in the nest gets double milk servings (thus the fatty belleh.)” -Lulie* H.

[*Inside joke- play on her email name -Ed.]