Friday Haiku: Smiley Bug

If you’re happy
And you know it flap your wings
And smile real wide too

Smiling bug 2


Friday Haiku: Meet The Beetle

He once was so Fab
But now he is quite retired
Lives off royalties


As seen on Naturally Curious With Mary Holland, by way of Julia G. “I saw this guy in my news feed and I thought it was from C.O.!”

“Booplesnoot?” That’s A New One

Check out this interesting quirky set of diagrams- they give you a clearer picture of exactly what is where on various adorabuhl creatures. Well, most of ’em are adorbs. Mebbe not the last two.

OK, definitely not the last two.







As seen on Neatorama and It’s OK To Be Smart. Bird Diagram from Bird & Moon, helpfully pointed out by DB. “Cat’s Anatomy” as seen on, from Night Owl.

Roger LB1…

…U are cleared for landing, easy on the flaps. Little bit to the left- there, U got ‘er. Welcome home.

From Pinterest.

Friday Haiku: Bumpin’ Booties

Shake your groove thing, shake
Your groove thing yeah yeah, show ’em
How they do it now


First and second images from Pinterest. Also huge apologies to Peaches & Herb.

Three Hours Of A Bug’s Life

The KEY to an effective workout is to make sure that ALL of your muscle groups are utilized.

If you HAVE any, of course.

Blame It On The Voices says, “This went on for over three hours.”

Need Some Help There, Lil’ Guy?

All Cole The Kitteh wants to do is PLAY with the Lizard. What seems to be the problem, buddy?

From Tastefully Offensive.

2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist

Some tremendous photography on display for the The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist, as reported on My Modern Met and Mail Online.

What are you staring at !?
Almost 140,000 entries were received, competing for prizes in pro and open groups.

Lion, Grooming
Winners will be announced in March and April. Images making the shortlist go on display in the UK in May.


Photo Creditos from MMM:
1) © Chin Boon Leng, Singapore, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Nature & Wildlife subcategory.
2) © George Logan, UK, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Campaign subcategory.
3) © Hasan BagÌlar, Cyprus, 2014 Sony World Photography Awards, Nature & Wildlife subcategory.

Yup, This Is For Real

Found this in Reddit while combing thru the depths of Digg Reader. Apparently this little maniac is gonna turn out to be a really big silkmoth. Or something. ‘Til then, he looks like…well, he looks like…a Pixar™ character.


L3DVw8T - Imgur

Scramble All Grasshoppers!

We’re being invaded! Everyone to your grasshoppers! Prepare for immediate takeoff! This is NOT, I repeat NOT, a drill!

From Wendy M.