Caturday Night Conversation: BUB

Bub’s up for a little Q&A in this clip. However, there’s only one thing on BUB’s mind- dinner. GOOD JOB BUB.

BUB Welcomes FLOTUS To The Big Show

When you’re a Cat like BUB- you’re used to traveling in the Fast Lane- power lunches, private jets, A-List VIP status at all the clubs. And you hang out with THE power elite. In this edition of Lil BUB’s Big Show, BUB welcomes the First Lady Of The United States, Michelle Obama.

THIS JUST IN: BUB Jumps Off The Couch

According to BUB’s Hoomin—she’s never done this before. Go, BUB, Go!!

BUB Hits The Road

BUB is a road warrior! According to the video, “I found some pretty amusing videos on my phone from a recent trip with BUB to visit the in-laws. BUB travels with us all the time, everywhere we go, and she has loved it since my first trip with her to NYC for Good Morning America as a kitten, two and a half years ago. She loves the road more than home. It keeps her spry, active and full of life. Do not try this with your own cat. Most cats hate traveling (including our 4 other cats.)”

♬ The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of….BUB? ♫

You better believe it, pardner. Speakers UP!

It’s Lunchtime, And Someone Is Hungry


BUB In The Tub

Lil’ BUB isn’t a fan of taking a bath. Gotta do what ya gotta do there, BUBster.

THIS JUST IN: Grumpy Cat Meets Bub!

And the Intertubes brace for the shockwave. Mashable says the pair were in Minneapolis for the Internet Cat Festival. (Click each image to play the Vine video.)

2013 Bub Action Plan

To: Marketing
Fr: Sales
Dt: 12-21-12
Re: 2013 BUB Action Plan


During the holiday shopping season, I’ve seen a lot of Boo-themed merch in stores. This dog is everywhere. They’ve really stepped it up. We also can’t ignore Maru, he owns The Pacific Rim- though Mugumogu seems happy to crank out a book once in awhile, and a calendar- we don’t see much of a move towards brand extension. (Maru Spanx?)

The point is, we need to be proactive with Bub in 2013. Here we have without a doubt the cutest cat that has ever lived. T-shirts, DVD’s, social media, online gaming, iPhone apps, we need to come up with a thematic approach to marketing Bub in the new year.

Thoughts? Get back to me by EOB, please.



Spotted on Buzzersons.


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