When You’re BUB….

…the only thing that will get you out of your nice warm bed on a cold midwestern morning is….yogurt. Lots of it. All over your face. Good JOB, BUB!


Walkin’ With BUB

It’s a nice fall day (winter’s still almost three weeks away, yo) in Indiana, and BUB’s in the mood for a walk. Or, to be more specific, she’s in the mood for her hoomin Mike to haul her around. Let’s go along with ’em, shall we?

Good JOB, BUB!

THIS JUST IN: What Happened, BUB?

It’s been a BUB week here at C.O.- a Trading Card on Toesday, an interview yesterday, and now, well, it looks like BUB had a bit of an accident. The good news is, she is on the mend and feeling frisky! As her website says, “Her eyes are full of life, she is purring, squonking and as happy as ever.”

Good job, BUB! Check out the latest BUBDATE to learn all the details right here.

Interview With BUB

Time for another chapter in our “Interview With” series- you might remember earlier interviews with Patrick The Wombat and even Mary Lee The Shark. Now following Tuesday’s Trading Card, we turn our attention to one of the true Giants of the Internet- even tho she’s just a tad on the Tiny side.

Please welcome the one and only BUB to Cute Overload.

BUB, thanks for taking the time to talk with us. Now, how does it feel to be an Internet Cat Star?

Hello. It’s me, BUB. I’m glad to be here, talking with you. I can’t say that I’m sure what the “Internet Cat Star” is. As a well-traveled space cat, I know a lot of stars. Literally millions of them… but I’ve never heard of the “Internet Cat Star”.

Do you feel any competition with guys like Grumpy Cat and Maru?

Competition is not a term I’m familiar with. These are both great cats, I certainly am aware of their existence, and I respect their talents.

Your name is BUB, but you’re actually a female. How’d that happen?

This is true, my name is BUB. I was not aware of any correlation between my name and my gender so I’m a bit confused by your question, Brinke. In fact, with a name like Brinke, I have no idea if you’re a female or a male! [*Note: Touché. Male. -Ed.]

You live in Indiana. Guess you’re a hoops fan, right?

No, I don’t wear earrings.

Tell us about your new book with Norbert.

I have to say that I’m really proud of everything that I do, and if you haven’t noticed, I’m really good at anything I set my mind to, and my creative output is consistently high-quality. But when I finally saw this book in it’s final form, it totally blew my mind and exceeded my already unreasonably high expectations of myself. And that’s because it was a heroic collaboration with a heroic dog named Norbert. The book is beautifully illustrated, with a beautiful story, and for a good cause – to help special needs pets such as myself.

Anything else you’d care to add?


birthday yogurt prof pic


It’s kinda hard to tell them apart, no?

Caturday Night Conversation: BUB

Bub’s up for a little Q&A in this clip. However, there’s only one thing on BUB’s mind- dinner. GOOD JOB BUB.

BUB Welcomes FLOTUS To The Big Show

When you’re a Cat like BUB- you’re used to traveling in the Fast Lane- power lunches, private jets, A-List VIP status at all the clubs. And you hang out with THE power elite. In this edition of Lil BUB’s Big Show, BUB welcomes the First Lady Of The United States, Michelle Obama.

THIS JUST IN: BUB Jumps Off The Couch

According to BUB’s Hoomin—she’s never done this before. Go, BUB, Go!!

BUB Hits The Road

BUB is a road warrior! According to the video, “I found some pretty amusing videos on my phone from a recent trip with BUB to visit the in-laws. BUB travels with us all the time, everywhere we go, and she has loved it since my first trip with her to NYC for Good Morning America as a kitten, two and a half years ago. She loves the road more than home. It keeps her spry, active and full of life. Do not try this with your own cat. Most cats hate traveling (including our 4 other cats.)”

♬ The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of….BUB? ♫

You better believe it, pardner. Speakers UP!