Brother Cream UPDATE!

Always fun to check in on Hong Kong’s #1 Cat AKA Brother Cream, to see what he’s up to. Last time we checked…BC was sleeping. As the above photo suggests, he hasn’t changed much. Well, he’s eating, too. Sleeping and eating- just goes to show, wherever you are in the world- the places may change, but the cats never do.



Another Serving Of Brother Cream!

Remember Brother Cream from August of last year? Cuteporter Tiffany (from Toronto) does! “I went to Hong Kong and dragged my husband across the city JUST to see Brother Cream because I saw him on Cute Overload! They were also selling pins so of COURSE I had to buy one! (Photos taken by me.) Love your site!”

brother cream


Brother Cream: Today HK, Tomorrow The World (Updated!)

That’s this kittehs name! Tsim Tung Brother Cream, or just Brother Cream for short. He resides in a convenience store in Tsim Sha Tsui East, Kowloon, Hong Kong, with his hoomin who runs the place. Naturally, he’s got his own book out with the requisite hysteria! Check here for more on BC. (PS- Good LUCK if you can find that book- I had Google on its KNEES, and nada.)

Update! Cuteporter Goozak found it! “Google Image search is your friend. I isolated the picture of the cover in the article and Ta-Dah!” Goozak, I bow to your Googley Greatness.


According to the South China Morning Post, “The famous cat and his black and white partner, Sister Cream, are usually to be found at Bee Ko Chee-shing’s store in the South Seas Centre.”


“Ko said part of the revenue Brother Cream made would go to charities that help stray animals.”


All photos from FB. Thanks to Cuteporter edmundh for the teep.