THIS JUST IN: Operation: Chihuahua Airlift

chiboard-thumb-550x299Furrtographer Josh Norem kindly provided us with these hi-res shots of Chihuahuas boarding Virgin America at SFO for a flight to Newark Liberty International Airport and new homes back east. (Click the thumbnail for a quick report from Fox News.) Since 2010, VA’s partnered with San Francisco Animal Care and Control for these fun and furry flights o’ fancy.

Click :50 into this next video- doesn’t seem to be sound with it.

Boo served as the MC for the event.

The other little guys were, um, quite interested in the Virgin SpokesPup.

Yes, quite interested.

There are a lot of Chihuahua’s that need homes in the Bay Area–too many, in fact.

According to HuffPo, “When Virgin America launched Operation Chihuahua, the tiny canines made up one-third of shelter dogs and were showing up in droves of up to eight a day.”

So the little knuckleheads get the VIP treatment on VA.






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Grumpy Cat & Boo Cake Pops. Of Course They Are.

Q: In this Interwebs cross-merchandising meme-frenzied world we occupy, what’s the next big thing?

A: These.

Naturally, we now have Grumpy Cat & Boo Cake Pops. Here’s how to make them yourself, courtesy of Bakerella. (Who has a book out, natch.) (And I know this feels like a “Japan Does It To Us Again” post, but no. You could, however, have a Grumpy Cat Cake Pop with a…Hello Kitty Beer!)





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What is That Boo Thing?

Boo, every time you do that thing you do. That one Boo thing like you always do. We love the way you do that one amazing thing!

We can never have too much of a good Boo thing.

Boo Has Something to Say

Boo, what are you going to say to Biscuit, your new cute competishe?

“Let’s go shoppin’!”

Now that’s a snappy comeback.Via People.

Where’s Boo?

I know Boo is here somewhere. Boo? Why, oh why, do I have so many stuffed Pomeranian toys?

Chief Sister Officer has brought this excellent Boo pic to our attention.