Little Too Much Catnip There, Nikita?

Ever heard the term “Bouncing Off The Walls?”

Nitika has heard it of that, and totally endorses this concept. PS- speakers up for the Random Quirky Squeaking!

Caturday Night Dinner With Nikita & Bobo

What IS it, guys? Oh, you want DINNER, is that it? Nag, nag, NAG.

Nikita Update: Still Crazy ‘Bout Hexbugs

A couple of weeks back we featured Bobo & Nikita goin’ after everything from an RC helicopter to a motorized toy called a “Hexbug.”

Nikita has not given up.

Bobo & Nikita

Watch as these guys decide to whack an RC helicopter!

Then, they go after a “Hexbug Scarab.”

From The Squid.


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