If U Won’t Bring Me The Caturday Noms…

[I guess I haz to come up and GET THEM.] #elevatorcat


Four Reasons Why….

…Nikita is “the craziest cat in the world.” Well….Caturday is just the right place for THIS video!

From Krzysztof S. [*Note- After watching this video, he’s right. Nikita is bananas. -Ed.]

Caturday Night With Bobo

Let’s see, we can watch TV, or go for a drive, or…..get out the vacuum. Your call, Bobo!


Wanna Know How To Drive Kittehs Nuts?

NOT with laser pointers. They’re so 90’s, and besides, they’re unsafe. No, there’s a BETTER and safer way. Toy quadcopters! Bobo & Nikita know ALL about ’em. [*Note- No cats or quadcopters were harmed in the making of this video. -Ed.]

Got Any Energy Left After Black Friday?

Nikita The Maniac Little Kitteh does. Just TRY and keep up with her!

Then again, most of probably feel like Tora (L) and Mimi, below:

Second video located on Laughing Squid.

I’d Lay Off The Caffeine, Nikita

You are gonna be up ALL NIGHT LONG.

Caturday’s Are Made For Bein’ Lazy

The car wash isn’t the only place you can go for a good vacuuming, ya know.

Caturday: Bonkers Kittehs

Bobo & Nikita demonstrate typical kitteh behavior. In other words, what they do when they’re not 1) sleeping, or 2) ignoring you.

Nikita Has A LOT To Say Today

This one can’t wait until Caturday. Make sure the speakers are up to get all of the KITTEH CHATTERING GOODNESS. Here we goooooooo:

As seen by Pooterfish.

Little Too Much Catnip There, Nikita?

Ever heard the term “Bouncing Off The Walls?”

Nitika has heard it of that, and totally endorses this concept. PS- speakers up for the Random Quirky Squeaking!