The Big J (No, Not THAT Big J)

IMG_4459Got a different Big J this time around, People. His name is Jasper! Lisa K. reports, “Dear Cute Overload, Long time fan, first time sender-inner. The Furball in the attached is Jasper, displaying Rules Of Cuteness #17 and #19. Photos by my niece, Chloe L. Thank you!”


Blorpin’ In The South Georgia Islands

You will not believe what happens at the 1:23 mark- but don’t cheat, start from the beginning. (FYI, the problem is not in your set- no sound on this one.)

Anyway, this is from photographer Kristina J. “In December of 2013, I had the joy of having a juvenile elephant seal snuggle with me in the sub-Antarctic region of South Georgia Island,” she writes in her email. “This was one of the cutest and happiest experiences of a fantastic trip to the Antarctic, and I would love to share it with your fans (which I am a huge fan!)”

New Year’s Resolution- Go On A Diet

unnamed“Thanks for another adorable year! Here’s a recent visitor to Providence, Rhode Island…a Harbor Seal balancing on a rock at low tide. Happy New Year!” -Peter G., Providence Raptors.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

It Was That Last (burp) Slice Of Punkin Pie That Did It

920x920[I feel SOOOOOO Blorpy. More so than usual. I’m off tomorrow. You guys have fun at the mall. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.]

(A Grey Seal at the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s Donna Nook nature reserve in Grimsby, England; Dan Kitwood, Getty Images; Seen on SFGate by Smedley.)

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving, Everybody!

[We’re just actin’ like a couple o’ Turkeys! WAIT! We’re-NOT-TURKEYS! Just wanna be clear on that.]


Heeere I Come to Make a Salaaaaad!

By day, mild-mannered Hugh Manatee glides unnoticed among the krill, sturgeon, and trout going about their business in Aquaburg. But whenever sea life is threatened by injustice, whenever a shrimp cries out in terror, whenever bacon and tomato feel lonely and incomplete, Hugh Manatee becomes… The Lettuce Avenger!


Columbus Zoo photo spotted by Carly Brooke of The Featured Creature.

Nosevember: Now With Even More Boogers Per Post!

15481535155_563d632829_oHere then, a little (Industrial-Strength) Kleenex™ will set you right, my Blorpy Buddy! From Rockhopper Jen F.’s Flickr page.

Blorp Spoken Here

_DSC6195Intrepid Cuteporter Jen F. continues to churn out the QTE, with another image from her January 2013 trip to Antarctica, South Georgia and the Falklands. Wonder what their snoring sounds like?

[*Note- LOUD. -Ed.]

Seal Trolls Puppeh, Film At Eleven

Watch this Prosh Bebeh Blorpster mess with this puppeh’s head with a game of hide and seek, in the River Thames near Greenwich, South East London.


Selfie ! - Imgur[Disclaimer: Header totally borrowed from Reddit. -Ed.]


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