New Maru: He IS NOT Gonna Try And Get In There!

Oh yes he is.


Can’t A Guy Get Some Privacy?

(Say like Archie Bunker:) “I’m tryin’ to have a little lunch heah!!!!!”

“This little guy was a visitor at a Nursing Home today. He was a pet of someone visiting a Nursing home where I was working. That is a very yummy (apparently) turnip. I petted him and booped his belly. (That belly is as soft as it looks, just sayin.’) Thanks for always making my day.” -Lisa H.

Headline THIS!

“I took this along the coast of California on July 14, 2012. I love it because he looks like he’s smiling.” -Magnolia S.

That’s a good enough reason for another edition of Headline THIS! Write up your best header- we’ll run our fave at 1pm PT! Good luck!

[*Note: Thanks to Gizzy for the header- sincere apologies for the tardy update. -Ed.]

How LOW….Can You GO?

These Floppy Chubbular Guys give new meaning to the term “Lo Ground Clearance,: and when you’ve got yourself a pair of Low Hangin’ Ears, you best be careful you don’t trip on ’em!

“Did Someone Say…Dinner???”

[SPLASH! I’m here! I’m here!]

From frequent C.O. Contributor Kim B., who says “It’s an elephant seal pup, now happy and healthy and back in the ocean. Taken at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California last year.

C.O. Certified: 100% Blorpy!

I’ve seen some Blorp like this before (San Francisco’s Pier 39,) but never on THIS scale! Tammy L. says, “Hi! Last weekend I drove up the California coast just to go look at elephant seals, about 7 miles north of San Simeon! Totally worth the drive, I took over 800 photos! Here are a few of the cutest/blorpiest I thought you might like.”










Prosh Blorp Bundle: Little Z

Let’s get this outta the way first: I CALL MATCHINGKS. OK. Here we have a rather Blorpular Mr. McStubbersons Jr. by the name of Ziama. He’s out and about on the outside paddock and in the pool- just the right way to spend a hot summer at the ZSL Whipsnade Zoo in London.

Of course, we can’t forget this Rule of Cuteness #07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.


“A Song For Miracle Pandas”

The world’s only surviving Panda Triplets. More Blorp for your buck- only on Cute Overload. Speakers up- the song takes it to an entirely different level. Trust me on this.

Happy Birthday, Snooty!

[*Updated! 6:20pm PT! New Video!] Wow, 67 years of Bringin’ The Blorp! Snooty is the world’s oldest Manatee, and his birthday is today!


“Snooty, the world’s most famous manatee and verified OLDEST by the Guinness Book of World Records turns 67 years old this weekend in Sarasota Bradenton, Florida! Everybody in Tampa Bay is super proud of him and loves him a lot and wanted to tell everyone about him, if you haven’t heard of him yet! He is at the South Florida Museum and can even be seen on a webcam enjoying a special manatee “cake” with all of his friends and fans this weekend! We really are just huge Snooty & Cute Overload fans, we aren’t affiliated with the museum! Thanks for all the hours of cuteness Cute Overload!” -Tampa Bay Amber & Friends.

If You Go™ (opens PDFs)

*Admission to the birthday party in the Spanish Plaza and Outside the Museum on 10th Street is free.*

Event Map : Downtown Parking Map.

Basically, What We Got Here Is A Lot O’ Pandas

Let’s take another trip to China’s Panda Research Base, shall we? This panda “daycare” facility specializes in breeding these little critters, in order to repopulate the species which has been threatened for years.















(Bored Panda, of course.)