Happy Birthday, Snooty!

[*Updated! 6:20pm PT! New Video!] Wow, 67 years of Bringin’ The Blorp! Snooty is the world’s oldest Manatee, and his birthday is today!


“Snooty, the world’s most famous manatee and verified OLDEST by the Guinness Book of World Records turns 67 years old this weekend in Sarasota Bradenton, Florida! Everybody in Tampa Bay is super proud of him and loves him a lot and wanted to tell everyone about him, if you haven’t heard of him yet! He is at the South Florida Museum and can even be seen on a webcam enjoying a special manatee “cake” with all of his friends and fans this weekend! We really are just huge Snooty & Cute Overload fans, we aren’t affiliated with the museum! Thanks for all the hours of cuteness Cute Overload!” -Tampa Bay Amber & Friends.

If You Go™ (opens PDFs)

*Admission to the birthday party in the Spanish Plaza and Outside the Museum on 10th Street is free.*

Event Map : Downtown Parking Map.

Basically, What We Got Here Is A Lot O’ Pandas

Let’s take another trip to China’s Panda Research Base, shall we? This panda “daycare” facility specializes in breeding these little critters, in order to repopulate the species which has been threatened for years.















(Bored Panda, of course.)


Got anything better to do than just roll around on the ground? Nope.

Bebeh Blorp Gets His Drink On

[*Note- could also be ‘Her Drink On.’ FYI. -Ed.]

This Manatee Mini-Blorp was orphaned :( so he/she was taken to a rescue facility in Peru. Kudos to these fellows for helping out!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

I Want This Job

You get PAID to take care of and play with Pandas. In the Big J. Sign. Me. Up. (P.S. Wait ’til the 1:11 mark.)

Second video from Megan.

Just CAN’T Get To Sleep

[Turn THIS way…no, turn THAT way. Ermph, pillow is NOT comfortable- wait, I don’t have one of those. I ate it. THIS BLANKET IS..rrrrrr, CAN’T get it the way I want. I give up, what’s on TV? Do we have any Panda Tylenol PM?]


Nuthin’ Like A Little Panda Blorp..

…to get you through the day. Look at how these Round Mounds O’ Fluff nom that bamboo!

Live Alaskan Blorp!

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has partnered with the group Explore.org to set up a live webcam of these Blorps, hunkered on Bristol Bay in the Bering Sea in Southwest Alaska. (Make sure your speakers are up so you can hear ’em snoring!)

(Boing Boing.)

How To Properly Deploy The Privacy Tail (+ RULES!)

?“This is my fabulous Rosemary and her even more fabulous belleh in her favorite relaxation position. Please note the exemplary deployment of the Privacy Tail. She is a lady, after all. Hope you find her Cute-Overload-worthy. Just look at that belleh – she’s so juicy!” -Cheryl S.


#02: Looking helpless is cute.

#13:Juicy” eyes & noses are cute.

#22: Curled-up or tucked paw is cute.

#39: Nuzzable mini-chests are cute.

#41: Exposing a vulnerable area is cute.

Hey…Come Here Often?

[This is my beach but I’ll be glad to show you around. What’s your sign name? You been here before? Why are all these people taking our picture? Little privacy here, guys?]


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