Time For Some Blorp, Mate!

Cuteporter Abigail M. sent in one of these images, and the link led to a lot more. She explains: “Here are a plethora of adorable Australian sea lion photos by underwater photographer Tony Wu. They have all the elements of adorable animal photos: fish eye lens, big eyes, even bigger schnozzes :).” Quite blorpy, too. You can also read more about Tony here. (Hover text also from Wetpixel site.)


















New Species Discovered!

Microbiologists at the Floofman Laboratories (FLab) have revealed a new form of microscopic life, which they are calling the Pugbug (wrinklius blorpulii). Shown here in this 1000X magnified photo, the Pugbug is a parasitic organism that attaches itself to a host and demands constant belly rubs and walkies.

Via kirainpdx.

I Love The Nightlife, I Got To Boogie…

Mallory J. of Buzz60 sent us this video clip of Ronan the Sea Lion who can get down with the best of them. Learn more at the UC Santa Cruz website. Post title by Alicia Bridges.

(Come to think of it, Tierney M. also sent this in. Kudos to both.)

From Hell’s Heart, I Squeak at Thee

Gentle reader, beware! The defensive shriek of the Namaqua rain frog (breviceps namaquensis), captured in this video by YouTuber Dean Boshoff, is so shrill, so piercing, that 200-pound grown men have filled their ears with cement to escape its otherworldly cry! Listen for yourself — if you dare!

So, We Took The Mercedes To Argentina…

We get photos from all over the world, being a GLOBAL INTERWEBS PHENOMENON and all. This email just rolled in from waaaay down they-ah in Argenteeena.

“Hi!! My name is Mercedes M., I’m from Argentina. I took this pictures last December at the province of Chubut, in the Argentinean Patagonia. The penguins are at Punta Tombo, a protected area, and the sea elephants are at Punta Ninfas, that is not protected yet, so you can go there and be with them (just crossing the fingers so no one destroy the place). Love your site, I’ve been following it for years now and is the only medicine for blue moments. Love the comments over the picture!!”








Cough Due to Cold?

Let me get you a tissue.

Get plenty of rest. May I recommend sleeping underneath something? The pressure is quite nice for a congested face.

Corndogs are a cure-all. They certainly make me feel better.

And by popular demand, we bring you TOOF-HANCE™

Penelope Pickles is a little helper! Melissa D. S. says, “Her favorite things are corndogs and naps. You can’t leave your plate idle with her around.” You can follow Penelope on the Facebooks.

Gonna Nom This Kid Right Now

Hey Guys! Can I be in the photo? Can I? Can I? (Wait, I already am!)


Spotted on MSN Now.

Time to Lay Off the Snausages

Ermagherd, berlly flerpperge! Ah have been going to the gym twice a day since New Year’s, and I don’t see no difference!

Dreadnought says this is Goblin, “our wrinkly little pug, as she takes an afternoon nap.”

And Santa Said, “Surely you jest.”

♪ ♫ Oh I want a hippopotamus for Christmas

Only a hippopotamus will do ♪ ♫

Peeps, share this song over and over to make SURE your hippo wish is known. DO EET at your own risk:

Prince Harry the pygmy hippo has been very good this year, Zooborns!

What Do You Do After School?

I hang out in the barn with the fam.

Then I let my mom cuddle me a little. If I don’t, she gets to be a real pain in my neck.

Then we measure ourselves by the measuring wall.

Well, my Moms and I pose for pictures, cuz we’re famous.

I go into the house and I helps myself to a milk-box. I know how to use a straw, but I need helps getting the straw in the box.

Knobbulars via Zooborns, Blorpular Belugas via Pinterest and Clever Kitten via The Daily Cute