C.O. Trading Cards #26

Next up in our series, some pure California Blorp! (First seen here.) Click for ULTRA MASSIVE C.O. Super-Size™, and collect all of ’em!


So..How Does This Work, Exactly?

[Well, I watched the hoomins do it- you STAND UP on it, and ride a wave. And then fall down and crash into the surf. Personally, I like just sliding off it better.]

(From Wendy M.)

Oregon Zoo Welcomes Fresh Blorp!

The Oregon Zoo has three new Harbor Seals that just arrived this past weekend- and they wasted no time getting used to their surroundings!

The Story Of Jessica The Hippo

We don’t generally have a LOT of Hippo stories here on C.O., because well we don’t. But you HAVE to see this story about Jessica, who was separated from her Mom :( after a flood. Not exactly sure where this IS, but they’ve got a big river in the backyard, so it’s all good!



Ever Have One Of Those Days?

Like we saw earlier in the day, no matter HOW hard you try- sometimes things just don’t go your way.

New Maru: He IS NOT Gonna Try And Get In There!

Oh yes he is.

Can’t A Guy Get Some Privacy?

20150910_104021(Say like Archie Bunker:) “I’m tryin’ to have a little lunch heah!!!!!”

“This little guy was a visitor at a Nursing Home today. He was a pet of someone visiting a Nursing home where I was working. That is a very yummy (apparently) turnip. I petted him and booped his belly. (That belly is as soft as it looks, just sayin.’) Thanks for always making my day.” -Lisa H.

Headline THIS!

blorp“I took this along the coast of California on July 14, 2012. I love it because he looks like he’s smiling.” -Magnolia S.

That’s a good enough reason for another edition of Headline THIS! Write up your best header- we’ll run our fave at 1pm PT! Good luck!

[*Note: Thanks to Gizzy for the header- sincere apologies for the tardy update. -Ed.]

How LOW….Can You GO?

These Floppy Chubbular Guys give new meaning to the term “Lo Ground Clearance,: and when you’ve got yourself a pair of Low Hangin’ Ears, you best be careful you don’t trip on ’em!

“Did Someone Say…Dinner???”

11885667_10200714947631357_6471549001089966382_o[SPLASH! I’m here! I’m here!]

From frequent C.O. Contributor Kim B., who says “It’s an elephant seal pup, now happy and healthy and back in the ocean. Taken at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California last year.


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