Sleeping McQuackersons

First a shoe, then a shoulder, then a lap. "Martin" the duck (who turned out to be FEMALE, d’oh!) sleeping everywhere she can catch a break…  It goes without saying that Martin (Martina?!) is 110% prosh.




Wait for it….

there are EYE CAPSULES involved!!!



And now, all growed up—Ahn. Nice graceful neck curve, Martina.


As far as submishes go, this one is tops. Stherious, Katie J. Now, go back to class.

Meet “Lala” your personal shopper

I know, I know, TWO movies in a row today and you have a teeny tiny small modem connection! This is an awesome submishe. Check it out. “Lala” the penguin goes fish shopping in Japan. HOLY MACKEREL!

Arigato, Mark O.! ;)

(Bird) ‘Tocks Up

When things got you down
and you got a perma-frown it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(bird) ‘Tocks Up!

When everything sucks
and your pockets have no bucks it’s

‘Tocks Up!
‘Tocks Up!

When you sleep through the alarm
and Grandpa bought the farm it’s

‘Tocks Up!
(in this case bird) ‘Tocks Up!


Sing it with me, People! (and William B.T.!)

And now, a chicken wearing a scarf.

Dawn M. of the Dawn and Drew show (!!!) sent in her lil’ pal "Chicken McNugget Domkus" wearing a little scarf for the cold Wisconsin winter. Of course she is!


I have a soft spot for chick-ons, Dawn—how’d you know!? ;)

Leaping Ducklettes

This is sooooo worth watchingks. You MUST see this TINY WING ACTION.With English accent narration.

Good Lo’.


Wine just came shooting out of my nose

Um. Red wine just came shooting out my schnozzle at 75 miles per hour.Please look at what sender-inner Bridget F. just sent in. She says: “This isn’t a picture of an animal per say… but it is a picture of my butter and how it landed on the carpet. It looks exactly like a little duck, and I had to send it to you!Happy New Year!”


[Wiping off computer screen]

Ani-pals in a Mondrian frame

Ooooooh, what better way to start your new year than with a SCHWEET desktop (measures a whopping 5100 pixels wide, People) for your computer?

Download this mofo pronto!

Cutest... Desktop... EVAR

Awesome work, Cassandra P. Nice choices!

Kids, meet Mr. Flapper

Dewds, you know how you’re surfing around the InterWebs and you see a sweet little site that you missed befo’? Well, "Mr. Flapper" is that site. Created by Tiffany Y., "Mr. Flapper" has episode after episode of Mr. Flapper’s adventures. My favorite of which is this one, a redonkulous pea-cake presented to her duck "O’Malley Peepers" and a recap of his first year of life. [Watch as O'Malley snorgles a dog's ear!]


You’ll also see adventures in the tub;


Learning About Mirrors 101;


And much—much mo’, even beady-eyed close-ups


Holy duck cams, Tiffany Y.!

Bok-KEEEEE! [Say in bird voice]

Leave it to the New Zealanders to create a twist for ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’.

That little feathery dude is sooo prosh.


Wake up, People, it’s Monday morningks! YOu too, Chelsea W. ;)

Too many goslings, not enough wing

Um, could this goose have MORE goslings? The answer is none. None more goslings. I love how a bunch of them made it safely under the wing, and some are all heads up "baroo?!"-ing. It’s like a crowded elevator car.


Nice photos, Stu W.!


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