This bird continues to blow my mind


Wait—I’m confused… it’s like a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, all in the twilight zone! SOMEONE PAGE STEPHEN HAWKING!


Tina H. — you are messing with the time/space continum. [shaking head]

You do the math

[looking over professor glasses]

Yes, yes, this is correct.

Regular kitteh plus Happy Feet penguin equals kitteh ear tufts. Every time.


You get an "A", Ellen L. Summer is high-tuftage season.

I always wondered where she got the inspiration for that eye makeup

AmyThey tried to make me go to rehab
I said
no, no,no

Yes I been black
but when I come backyou won’t
know, know, know


So THAT’s where she got the inspiration…
makes sense, Dizzy Girl ;)

Oh, and get thee to iTunes store pronto for Amy’s CD, People. Serious.

Go outside! It’s Duck Day!!

OK!  Buddy check!  Does anyone NOT have BOTH field-trip buddies?  Everyone check now, left and right, human and avian… nobody missing?  Are we ready?


All righty here we go!


"How much farther?"  "I’m hungry!"  "Dewey’s PUSHING."  "He STARTED it!"
"I need a restroom!"  "You’re a DUCK, stoopid."  "Are we there yet?"


Duck_day_mama_circleThey grow up so fast… [snif]

Thanks to RedZilla‘s sister for the excellent photos!  Check it out, peeps; this had to be the coolest recess EVAR.  (I love how the little duxen sorta make one big Duck.  Squint, you’ll see it.)

Walk dee planck!

Walk… dee… planck….[say in pirate voice]

Will you please check out the prosh footing of these lil’ Dewds? Born in a large planter inside a sunken reflecting pool in front of in downtown Toronto no less.






Nice Financial District, with a nice green project space, Scott F.!

Let’s see… it says here…

[scanning text]Yep. Says here to place varmint on micro-wave safe dish. Step two, sprinkle with garlic salt. I’m positive that’s what it says.


Good thing you have a sous-chef, Kelly L…

Our new chick-kons

Bosley, your wish is our commandHey Peeps,
Please meet the newest additions to our family farm, 2-day old behbeh cheecks: Sally, Millie and Rose (from left)

Sell it girls, SELL IT! [rotating camera around subjects in annoying way]

They have to live under a steakhouse-style heat lamp fer like, 2 months before they go to their sweet outdoor crib. So far, they’ve tried to; 1. sleep in their water dish, 2. read the newspaper under their feet, 3. peck each others eyes, 4. step on each other’s necks while napping and 5. LOOK ANERABLE.

Check out their Charleh’s Angels pose below:

Cheryl Ladd is tewtelly gonna replace me after season 1

Nice photo, Paddles!

[Lunch bell ringing sound]


Outside voice

Kids: ehn! ehn! ehn! ehn!

ehn! ehn! ehn! ehn!

Kids: mmmmm, delicious lunchables….

I want a cracker stacker!!!

Kid with prosh eye capsules: [nuzzling mustard off chest]

plink plink! [eye capsule sound]

Mom: Awright Kids, we’re off to the pond. Vamos! [swishes giant ‘tocks]

AUDI 5000

Nice pix, Eric H.! ;)

For mewing out lou’ [Follow Up]

As if THIS SITUATION could get any more ridiculous, a video has surfaced (From The Fabulous Ian F.) of the ‘Chicken hatches kittens‘ thing. Good Lo’, People. Please get a load of the mewing/teeny cluck action.

BEST PART is the Cat Mom at the end. She’s all "What’s on Oprah?" [can’t be bothered]

Birdeh please!

Check out this McPuppersons. That parrot is all; "I shall eeeeat you", and the pup is all; "Birdeh pleeeeease."

That boid better step the heck off [neck all in a twist]

Aw ahn!

XOXOX, Ann F.!


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