Leaping Ducklettes

This is sooooo worth watchingks. You MUST see this TINY WING ACTION.With English accent narration.

Good Lo’.


Wine just came shooting out of my nose

Um. Red wine just came shooting out my schnozzle at 75 miles per hour.Please look at what sender-inner Bridget F. just sent in. She says: “This isn’t a picture of an animal per say… but it is a picture of my butter and how it landed on the carpet. It looks exactly like a little duck, and I had to send it to you!Happy New Year!”


[Wiping off computer screen]

Ani-pals in a Mondrian frame

Ooooooh, what better way to start your new year than with a SCHWEET desktop (measures a whopping 5100 pixels wide, People) for your computer?

Download this mofo pronto!

Cutest... Desktop... EVAR

Awesome work, Cassandra P. Nice choices!

Kids, meet Mr. Flapper

Dewds, you know how you’re surfing around the InterWebs and you see a sweet little site that you missed befo’? Well, "Mr. Flapper" is that site. Created by Tiffany Y., "Mr. Flapper" has episode after episode of Mr. Flapper’s adventures. My favorite of which is this one, a redonkulous pea-cake presented to her duck "O’Malley Peepers" and a recap of his first year of life. [Watch as O'Malley snorgles a dog's ear!]


You’ll also see adventures in the tub;


Learning About Mirrors 101;


And much—much mo’, even beady-eyed close-ups


Holy duck cams, Tiffany Y.!

Bok-KEEEEE! [Say in bird voice]

Leave it to the New Zealanders to create a twist for ‘Cats ‘n’ Racks’.

That little feathery dude is sooo prosh.


Wake up, People, it’s Monday morningks! YOu too, Chelsea W. ;)

Too many goslings, not enough wing

Um, could this goose have MORE goslings? The answer is none. None more goslings. I love how a bunch of them made it safely under the wing, and some are all heads up "baroo?!"-ing. It’s like a crowded elevator car.


Nice photos, Stu W.!

One duck’s story

My name is Juju, and this is my story.

So there I was, minding my own bizness, when one day, Mama disappeared. Confused, I wandered off and even dodged cars in the middle of the road. I got chased by a hawk. It sucked.

Then, some complete strangers adopted me. It was definitely nap time.


The strangers gave me a sweet pad—apparently this crib belonged to some Babe named "Barbie". Whatevs—it was better than sleeping on the floor.


Of course, when I got older, my folks insisted I wear a diaper inside the house. (Where do you get a diaper for a duck? duckdiaper.com Duh.) This one is much too big for me—but eventually I grew up so that you couldn’t even see that I was wearing it.


Even when I was a toddler, I always spotted danger right away. No hawks or foxes for me.


Here’s me with mah peeps. My "Dad" was going to call me "l’Orange". Nice.


Learning to fly was sweet. Yeah, so I had problems getting down from the roof. It happens to lots of ducks.


Eventually, I moved outside of the house into like, nature and stuff. Then I sent these photos into C.O. [wings tap on keyboard]

The End.


Nice work, Juju and Kee H. ;)

Some Days, Only Duckies Will Do

Make way for Mama Mallard and her intrepid fleet o’ bebeh boids.



It’s been the sort of day that demands ducks.  Yes, yes, I know it’s a teensy photo, but wait till you click on it.  And if the long view still isn’t enough, I’ve got even got VIDEO for ya.  Lookit ‘em go!  This is what it’s all about, peeps.  (Er… quacks?)

Haw haw haw.

[tapping one spindly toe]


This fine, sassy Laughing Kookaburra lives at the Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha.
Yep, that’d be Nebraska.

Happy Thanksgiving! And now, A Thanksgiving Song

A Thanksgiving Song

Let’s sing it together, everyone.


"I aaaate too moishe
Too moishe is what I ate
I ate too moishe
I ate too moishe
I ate too moishe
IIIIIIII aaaaaaaaate too mooooishe!"

Listen to the song here [156K]


Stomachs are dragging over at Teh CuteTracker… Now stop checking C.O. and go outside and play Thanksgiving Football with your family er something


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