Meet Bobby

Check out this video: seems this little guy has just decided to hang out in the kitchen with this nice hoomin lady. We get a great British accent, too.

The Mail Online story says Bob stops by up to 15 times a day to meet Pat Lowe, fixes Bob his favorite: cooked porridge.

Thanks to Claire H. Photo by David Hedges.


Monday Is For The Birds

Especially THESE Cute lil’ fellows (or ladies) practicing their Syncho-Baroo™. Photo by Dana G.

How Would YOU Know The Hyperdrive Is Deactivated?

The City’s central computer told you? R2-D2, you know better than to trust a strange computer.

From T.O.

Who Writes This Garbage?

This whole page is totally wrong! For starters, we do not fly in a “middle finger” formation, we do not have a “secret handshake,” we did not corner the market in soybeans in 1973, and we had nothing whatsoever to do with the Hindenburg disaster!


“This bird landed on the page about itself,” says Redditor i_drink_your_tears.

Starbucks™ Drive-Thru Disapproval Action!

You’re sitting there in the line, idling in neutral and waiting to pull up and get your coffee, when suddenly….you feel a little beady pair of eyes locked in on you. Like Ava did.

“I was waiting in line this morning in a Starbucks™ drive-thru when I saw this Cute little friend right outside my window. I know she looks like she has a look of disapproval here but she gave me a few Baroos before I took this shot of her :).”-Ava.


THESE ‘Tocks Don’t Budge An Inch!

Actually–these ‘Tocks BELONG to Budgies! Photo by David S.

Forest Friends

The fall chill is coming soon, and these guys are busy stocking up!

Check out Squirrley McSquirlersons and his friend the Stellars Jay I photographed last month in Red Canyon, Utah, says Sender-Inner Niki B. “It took a lot of patience and peanuts to get these friends to come out and play! Thanks for sharing The Cute!”


Sign? What Sign?

[Silly hoomins. Don’t they know birds can’t read? Duh.]

22 Words.

‘Tocktober Is For The Birds

“I’ve been saving this for ‘Tocktober. He (or she) is a regular visitor to my feeder.” -Rebecca S.

Flashback Friday: “Timmons, Mrs. Bascom N.”

Washington, D.C., circa 1930. Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. From