Baby Turk-turk

This turklette wants to know if your Thanksgiving gravy recipe is up to snuff.

Well, is it?


  Baby Turkey 
  Originally uploaded by Old Leadfoot.

Listen closely for the penguin purr

Tiny_boks_of_luv_1I hear eet![ears...straining]

The teeny newborn penguin purr!—Ssssssssssssh!

[placing flipper over your lips]


Oh, and to sender-inner Anna, tell all your friends to shuddyup, ’cause you made it on C.O.!

WAY TO GO, Baybee!

A real-life Snow White moment

Snowwhite_stamp_1Ruhmember in the movie Snow White when the birds help her get dressed? it was too fabulous.

At the future C.O. Dream Office, birds will be on hand to help with all administrative tasks, including taking off your jacket as you enter, fetching toner cartridges, cleaning your ears, etc.


[The sound of tiny boks]


[Hummingbird watercooler chat]


Tiny, red-breasted, buzzing, winged thanks to Yolanda ;)

Secret Backyard Rendezvous

Boid: "We keel them in their sleep at meednight. AGREEEED?!"
Kitteh: [Nods]
Boid: "Then eet is ees done."


Rokkin’ Rule #4 is pretty sweet, Dean W.

Love = Pain

Dog: “Oh, my little Snuggledums, I will lof you forevar! You’ll always be…”


Dog: “MY CHICK!!!!”
Chick: “GAAAK!”


A Pomeranian unclear on the concept brot to you by H.M.W. ;)

Socks, sandals and theeee

Check out these McStackersons on this foot. How did they get there? Were they drawn to the "Chicks Rule!" sock motif? I mean, I am drawn to it, so the ducklings must be too. I think I saw those socks at Fashion Week.


Don’t flick your foot, Leah B! (and Sebastopol photographer Delora P.!)

Now available at Radio snack

Two-day old behbeh cockatiel rockin’ rule 14. AND rules 2, 12 & 18. Don’t you just wanna one-gulp him?


Like, Bok, Rebecca H.!

“Just look at those beaks. I mean, come on.”

I agree with you, sender-inner Desi W., but tell us, just HOW did all these ducklettes happened to be piled together like this? They’re like a mini carpet! WTF!?


GAAAAAAAAAAAAH! Mini beakitude!

The tiniest mohawk

He’s all PUNKED out, multi-colored and a teeny ‘hawk. RIGHTEOUS!


Gracias, Schwa-brah and love boid Oliver ;)

Mini Ed McMahon

Chris W. looks like a really nice guy. The best part is he has a mini Ed McMahon side-kick, who laughs at ALL jokes. It’s his budgie pal "Kiwi" the "co-pilot". I lerrrve the look on the budgie’s face, he’s all: "Baroo?" [head tilt]


Gracias, Chris W.