Tennis ball with a head

Doesn’t this guy’s head look like it’s gonna pop off? Sender-inner Anna G. says [in Sports Announcer voice] "He… is… his own… C.O.X.C.U.!" 

Anna, [sideways glance] you’re weird.


You think this is good, check out the other pics from this crazy Russain site.

The (jealous) Infinite Bird Project continues

People, you’ve heard about the ICP—or Infinite Cat Project, right?

Well [sigh] here is the lessor known IBP. [Golf clap]


Noice MacBook, Estaban!

And now, a tiny pic of four boids

Bok bok bok bok


I think you should add
this to your email sig
Peeps! XOs to Price D.

Delicious floating morsels

Sender-Inner Lexidh S. says trying to get photos of these ‘tock magnets wasn’t easy. Apparently, the father of these bebehs tried to "chew shoes off."



Leetle outboard motor ‘tocks! [singsong]

Abandonned bebe ducks swimmin’ in a teacup

People, The Daily Mail is reporting that an alert canoeist (is there any other kind? – Ed.) found a pair of tiny abandoned ducklings battling against waves afterbeing washed out to sea.

Now, those ducklings are being nursed back to health—IN A TEACUP OMG!

To Sender Inner David K., and photographer Richard Austin: I BOW BEFORE YE!

Nyyerrrrrrow! [racecar driving by sound]

Nyyerrrrrrow! [racecar driving by sound]

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrr! [race car taking corner too fast]

Bok! bok! bik! booook! bik! [all the bebes fall off]


Cheryl F., That is like the bird-minivan equivalent.

Five of these kids are not like the other



Will someone please hey-splain to me how this craziness happened?


And now, I shall wheesperes the quiestest of boks in your ear…



Dora N. found these photos here, but no credit was there—who took these!?

// UPDATE — article link here, at the Times Online UK //

All Abooooooard!

…The swan train!

woooot wooooooooooooot

First stop; Soggy McBreadsville:


Theresa, exxxxxcellent find! [Rubbing hands together]

You can pick your friends…

…you can pick your nose,

but you can’t pick your friend’s nose
or…can you? [shifty eyes]


Appears like it may be possible after all, Krissi D.

Dee-lee-shous strawberries

AttackScarf scarf scarf

Nawm nawm nawm


C.O.X.C.U. brought to you by WBB ;)


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