All Abooooooard!

…The swan train!

woooot wooooooooooooot

First stop; Soggy McBreadsville:


Theresa, exxxxxcellent find! [Rubbing hands together]

You can pick your friends…

…you can pick your nose,

but you can’t pick your friend’s nose
or…can you? [shifty eyes]


Appears like it may be possible after all, Krissi D.

Dee-lee-shous strawberries

AttackScarf scarf scarf

Nawm nawm nawm


C.O.X.C.U. brought to you by WBB ;)

OK, who’s doing PR for the Bald Eagles these days?

Because, OBVY, the day the Bald Eagle got taken off the Endangered Species list should have been on JULY 4!



Regahdless, Mr. Bald Eagle, Sir, we offer you (and your impressive nostrils) a plate of varmints as thanks.

Photo by the incredible Greg Downing.

Silkeh Chick-kon named “Gordon”


Whomevah came up with the idea of a soft fur-like chick-kons is a genius. THIS is "Gordon" the silkeh rooster (he prolly knows how to accessorize, make a foofy cocktail and debate fabric samples too)


He ALSO has silkiest of ‘tocks.


Love you AND your farms, Shari E.!

Taking a hit off a duckling

Get a load of this one, Peeps. The crazy folks over at SFGate, muh hometown paper, have tewtelly caught C.O. fever!

The caption they wrote accompanying this photo from their "Day in Pictures" column is redonk! [snicker]


What? No mention of eye capsules!?
Heeeeeee! Love it, Daisy H.!

Ducklette Day Care [head tilt]

On his way home from work, sender-inner Trevor R. noticed "a squirming sea of yellow and brown on the banks of a small lake." Upon closer inspecshe, it seemed these two geese were looking after 37 goslings. Other geese around the lake seemed to be relaxing and sleeping. Obviously, this must be Gosling Daycare:


I wonder what the geese charge per gosling per day of care—prolly like three worms? That’s prolly the going rate.


This guy is all trying to run but his new ‘tocks are getting in the way.


Saturday Barbequ—wait a minute

Get out the marinated flank steaks, it’s time fer—WOT THE


Impresive nest buildingks, tho.


Real estate is at an all time premium ’round yer parts, Huh Kat J.?



Señor Eye Capsules!

You still got one day of work left!

Rise and shine! [foot twitches]


Day-old chicks. Wot slackers, Alina K. [Shaking head in disgust]

This bird continues to blow my mind


Wait—I’m confused… it’s like a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, all in the twilight zone! SOMEONE PAGE STEPHEN HAWKING!


Tina H. — you are messing with the time/space continum. [shaking head]


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