And you will like eet

And I shall wear bird pantaloons while I do eet


Some bright spark out there find out who J.C. Sanchez is PLEASE!

What a hoot <—-boo!, Sender-Inner Karen G.!


I’m pretty sure there’s a chicken in there somewhere

Fluff: 97.4%

Beak: .6%

Margin of error: + or – 3%


According to Sender-Inner Chandra M., this Beak ‘n’ Fluff was exhibited at a local summer exhibition in British Columbia.


Choose a Snooze

"This sleeping posishe is too hot!"

X marks the spot, originally uploaded by Boonlong1.

"This sleeping posishe is too cold!"

Best buddies, originally uploaded by Boonlong1.

"Ahhh, this sleeping posishe is just right."

Me and my little brother, originally uploaded by Boonlong1.

Honk to the shu, Sender-Inner Robert W.

You Missed the Offramp!

"You never listen to directions!  Now we’re going to be late, and we’ll miss the good parking spaces, the kids’ll be cranky, and it’s all your fault — and you just let that duck cut us off!"

'You're a goose, dummy -- HONK!'

"MOM!! Timmy’s swimming the wrong way again!"

'I'm outta here. Anybody needs me, I'll be at Chuck E. Cheese.'

Are we there yet, Cherie T.?

Answer: A Drunken Safari

Question: What do you get when you take African animals, delicious fruits, and good ole fermentation?

Whoever did the sound effects for this movie is a GEEEEENNNIUS! [singsong] Jaimie R., hic!

This might also be a good time to remind you of another redonk Safari over in Kenya (thanks Megan D.)

Let’s check in on Mr. Flapper

Let’s see, there’s a fistful of fluff:


A napping duckeh wearing a diaper;


And a trip the vet in the duck carrier!?


OK. Things seem to be going as planned. Tiffany Y. over at Mr.


Dewds, this penguin is out of control. FIRST he gets inducted (yes, I’m talking about a bird getting inducted) into the Norwegian Kings Guard of Something Something THEN—as if it couldn’t get more redonk—the bird gets KNIGHTED!

Sword on the shoulders knighted. The thing is—this penguin has seriously mad skills. Check him out with his troops. Major inspection action. The movie is here…


Some stills from the scene…



I bow down to thee, Sir Nils Olav, Sir! I also bow to you, Emily S. and Drude M.!

Mom Always Liked You Best

Life wasn’t all fun and games for me in the NTMTOM household, no sir.  My younger brother, Tommy NTMTOM, would get all the best grubs brought home by Mommy NTMTOM, while I had to … assist with feeding.

Yeah, but I'll get to pick out her nursing home, heh heh.

Awesome sender-innering, um … (shuffling notes) … hang on … (shuffle, shuffle) … Meg, er … somebody.

Oh where oh where did my little tail go

Oh where, oh where can it beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!?


Was it stolen? Removed by a mini bird plastic surgeon? Batted off by a smooshed-face cat!? Whatever happened, we need to get to the bottom [<–Heh] of this!

Johanna S., call the COPS

Who Needs To (Flamin)go?

From our "Strangest Men’s Room Activity Not Involving Larry Craig" file comes this item from sender-inner Crystal O. of South Texas.  Seems a category 2 hurricane hit the area, and the staff of the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville herded all their animals into the safest structures they could find — which, in the case of these flamingos, meant the men’s room.  That’s the thrill of working in a zoo; you never know what urine for.  (runs away, dodging tomatoes)

'Wow, (*HONK!!*) the acoustics in here are awesome! (*HONK!!*)'