Animal Phone

Wing wing! Wing wing! It’s for you!


David Rosenberg’s guinea peeg Noodle is just one of the stars. We’ve greenlit it for 43 more episodes.

Lookuphere! Lookuphere! [say in bird voice]

Um, unclear on the CONNNNNNCEPPPPT!


Which way did he go, Johanna S.!?

Have a great day, Hon [peck]

[Bird] Oh, and bring home some seed after work, mmmK?

[Kitteh] Mmmk.


Johanna S., you’ve got one clever find after another, ain’t cha?

Kitteh Tamed by Boid

This Boid is about to take this kitteh to school.

First, kitteh is all: "Is this thing on? tap tap"


Next, kitteh attempts to pet Boid…


Then kitteh becomes just another nesting material for Boid


Next Kitteh is overwhelmed by mini-claw massaging actions


Boid plants official "Bird country" flag on kitteh’s gut as a SYMBOL OF VICTORY


Bye, Hon, Call me later. [Kiss]



See, Nancy P.?!? See how he did that!?

Oh Hai…

Will you please check out this proshness, a boid captured on an outdoor webcam (via Plastic Media in Hungary)

He’s all ready for his International debut ‘n’ stuff.


Jess L., check out the claw-to-car-size-ratio.

Bird-sized stockingk

Well, would you look at dees. A bird-sized stocking.

Looks like the hamsters are finally including me this year.


[Looks up and sees candy cane] "Oh, thank you so moche!"


No, thank YOU so moche, Monica A. and Steve the bird.

High School Fluffsical

This fluffy circle is about to break into song;


The Zac Efron gosling is all "Time for my solo, Dudes!"


PLEASE get a load of this belleh/winglette/tongue combo, Kass M.!

Peacock vs. Pug

How did a peacock come to terrorize this pug IN HIS OWN HOME? [shaking head]

Jorden C., I’m buyin’ what you’re sellin’!

“Miracle Pets” People!!!

Superstar Alan Thicke hosts "Miracle Pets", and on this installment, a couple married over FIFTEH years discover (and re-enact with award-winning subtlety) a kitten and its crow guardian. Annngh.

Ashley P., did your head do a head tilt when sending that in? Geeshe!

If you have “a-dee!” in your name, you’ve got to be cute

You’ve never heard of ‘Giraffe-a-dee" or "hipp-o-dee", but CHICK-A-DEE? Now we’re TALKING! (er bokking!)

I can almost hear the plinkety plinkety of those eye capsules, and tiniest of feathers brosheing on my cheek. Ahnng.


Sender-Inner Sarah B. says her brother is an expert in not getting pecked too moishe.