Do As I Do, NOT As I Say

Maggie S. sent us this terrific video! “Here’s a cute video I took of my sweet budgie Chi-Chi bobbing his head to imitate his bobblehead giraffe toy. Thought I would share with you!”

Birdie Boogie

With a hip, hop, ya don’t stop the birdie
I’m bad, that’s the wordie
I dance like a toughie
Then I kiss my stuffie, yo.



What, doesn’t everyone have a Little Feathered Friend to help them stir their coffee?


OK, We’re At The End Of A Long Day…

…it’s time to unwind. Kick back, have a Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bar (try them, they’re fantastic) and watch Apollo The Cockatiel play peek-a-boo.

Wait. What?

(The Squid.)

Big Budgie Is Watching You

“You were not at the Two Minutes’ Whap this afternoon,” said the voice on the telescreen. “Are you unwell?” Winston felt a knot of dread form in his stomach. To lie to Big Budgie, leader of the Party, was the most doubleplus-not-anti-opposite-of-good thing he could do, yet the suspicion that the looming face was nothing but a birdbrain consumed him. He had to think fast. He knew he wasn’t sick. He thought up a lie, and he thought it up quick.

“I was out, um, buying you some nice millet seed, sir?”


“Magnus our kitten watching a budgie on TV that’s so big it seems to be watching him,” says senderplusinner Sheenagh P.

Oh Sure, I’ll Eat THAT II

This monkey decides he’s gonna have whatever SNIFF? SNIFF? is inside this bag. And he ain’t sharin’ it with no darned seagull, ‘neither.

(Boing! Boing!!!)

Haven’t Seen Any Whackadoodle Qte Food Lately..

….so leave it to The Big J to serve it up, thanks to Andrew Y. and RocketNews 24. (I actually did see this, but I’ll toss the cred his way.) So, check these out. What we have here seems to be….Parakeet Cakes.

Of course they are.


Quoting RN now, “There’s now a special exhibit going on at the Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro shop until January 22 titled the “Parakeets and their Friends Exhibit (Inko to Nakama-tachi Ten).”

You can also buy these there, too. These limited edition Para-Cakes are made by a place called the Kotori Café, and the set of three cakes is priced at 1,200Y, or a little over $10 US. So you’d better get there fast!



Hey, Little Buddy! Where Ya Goin’?

[It’s National Bird Day today! They’re giving away free cookies! I gotta GO!]


Every Birdie Was Kung-fu Fighting

“Hai-yah! So, Wing Fat, my nemesis! You think your mastery of the Tai-bo staff will protect you, but I say there can be no defense against my Dragon Lotus 1-2-3 Punch! Take that!”

Photo via Jade Craven.

Why Ducks Don’t Do Yoga

“For a start, it’s hard to contemplate your navel when you haven’t got one.”

Via Piper Gu on Flickr.


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