I KNOW I Put The Receipts Somewhere!!!

[Yeah yeah YEAH, I gotta get ’em in by MIDNIGHT. Now, is that POSTMARKED by midnight? And is that midnight ET, CT, MT, PT- what? Or does the gov have to HAVE them by midnight? In that case, I’m a goner. Yes, I KNEW they were due today. They always are. And where’s my 1040EZ, anyway? Can Cockatoo’s get fined by the IRS?] From Concord Paul & Barb.

Polly Wants Some Feathers

Or a blanket, maybe a space heater. What I’m sayin’ is, I’m frickin’ cold here!


An African Gray parrot baby from Papooga.

What We Have Here, Is A Failure To Communicate

The Cockatiel doesn’t speak Great Dane, and the Great Dane doesn’t speak Cockatiel.


(Lost At E Minor.)

Too Shy to Fly

Is shyness holding back your love life? Conventional dating services that require social interaction can be stressful, but now there’s It’s Just Unbearably Awkward Lunch!™ the service that pairs you with someone as shy as you are!


Birds of a Feather, via Brett Klorer.

Sometimes U Feel Like A Nut…

….so you just dive-bomb the pigeons to get it. Easy peasy.


Flycatcher? More Like Eyecatcher, Amirite?

That’s right, hon-naaaaay, I am the Royal Flycatcher. Emphasis on the “royal” part. So if you can let go my leg and bow down before my regally epic fabulousness, we’ll get along fine.


Via Reddit.

Do As I Do, NOT As I Say

Maggie S. sent us this terrific video! “Here’s a cute video I took of my sweet budgie Chi-Chi bobbing his head to imitate his bobblehead giraffe toy. Thought I would share with you!”

Birdie Boogie

With a hip, hop, ya don’t stop the birdie
I’m bad, that’s the wordie
I dance like a toughie
Then I kiss my stuffie, yo.



What, doesn’t everyone have a Little Feathered Friend to help them stir their coffee?


OK, We’re At The End Of A Long Day…

…it’s time to unwind. Kick back, have a Weight Watchers Giant Fudge Bar (try them, they’re fantastic) and watch Apollo The Cockatiel play peek-a-boo.

Wait. What?

(The Squid.)


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