Why Do YOU Always Drive, Then?

(Say in classic Monty Python accent:) [We’ve been over this, you don’t know how to drive a stick. Come ON, let’s be off, right?] (Telegraph, via Arne.)


Ever Seen A Birdeh and Puppeh Kees?

Yep, it happens in this video. That’s Max The Yorkster looking somewhat perplexed.

From John B.

Tiny Animuhls Get (Wait For It…) TINY SIGNS!

This proves Japan has not yet TOTALLY cornered the Cute Market. Welcome to: Vilnius, Lithuania of all places. Well, they get their own tag for making these. “I saw this tweet, and *immediately* thought of your site. I read the Submissions Contract, but I’ll admit, I’m not quite sure if you can use this. From what I can tell, I think you can use it if you credit Mental Floss? [*Note: Yes. -Ed.] Thanks for helping me start my day on a bright note!” -Lisa B.


Chicks Dig the Medallion

One-of-a-kind and it’s mine all mine! Whenever I put it on, I get a spring in my step and a bob in my beak, and ladies flap in from all over town just to check me out! Like I always say, you want to turn a head, show some bread!


Via Poxe.ru.

“You Never Feature Puffins On C.O.!”

That was the subject line of the email we recently received, and we mean to rectify that GLARING error right NOW. (Photo via Imgur/Reddit.)

Don’t just SIT There, SAY Something!

[You’re starting to FREAK ME OUT, MAN.]

Japan Coulda Used This Guy In The World Cup

He shoots he boogies, he scores!

[*Note: Watch the volume level on this video- it’s pretty loud. -Ed.]

(Tastefully Offensive.)

No More Snax For Me?

[OK then, I’m gonna take your camera. GoPro THIS, suckers. MINE MINE MINE MINE MINE.]

(Viral Viral Videos.)

Peekaboo Cockatoo

Peekaboo cockatoo
Plays wit’choo all day through
I would too, wouldn’t you?

ResQte Of The Week: Knitted Nests Needed!

starling-tallerGot this email from Alison H., Communications Manager for WildCare Bay Area, and wanted to pass it along STAT! “Look at these Baby Robins at Wildcare! These cuties need cozy knitted nests to cuddle in as they grow to adulthood. Here is where helpful knitters can get patterns and find out how you can help the more than 400 baby birds currently in our care!”