What’s So Funny, Ya Birdbrain?

Someone or something is tickling the funny bone of this fine feathered friend. If they HAVE a funny bone in there, of course.

UPDATE: This fellow’s name is “Polo.” See more of MyFirstAvailableName’s videos here. Thanks to DP&F.

Not In Our Park You Don’t!

Gladys, dear, I think these people have no bread crumbs. Oh, the calamity.
Tsk, tsk. Gabby, we can’t even harass them in our own park anymore without getting cheated. I think it’s scandalous.
Let’s give them an eye full, Gladys.
That’s the spirit, Gabby. Harrumph!

“OK – this came about from a walk in a local park, Heather Farm, in Walnut Creek, California. Anyway, they were quite disgruntled that we had no treats for them, and gave us an eye full.” -Barb P. Photo by Paul P.

Home Alone Two

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“My friend Raeann H. and her daughter Makenzie S. took these pictures of bebeh boids hatchingks at their house. It’s pretty amazing and these bebehs are the very definishe of ugly/cute at the same time. The photos are dated to show the progression. Enjoy!  P.S. – Note for nuffers: no boids were harmed in the process of taking these photos. The Mom observed carefully but did not dive bomb photographers or reject bebehs.” Your faithful sender inner, Erin C.

We Dubstep Thee, Sir Beatboxbird

Some call it dubstep, some call it beatbox, some call it electro.
We call it hope-his-li’l-head-don’t-fall-off.

Most deafening amazing tweet evar:

Turn down that racket and go do your homework, beatboxbird!

The Wild World O’ Cute

traveler-photo-contest-logo_65913_160x120 Look at these great photos (#1-5) as seen on My Modern Met.com. (Others from NG site.) They’re all part of the 25th Annual National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest, going on now. Click the logo at left to enter (you’ll need to set up a National Geographic account, or log in with an account from Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, etc.)





Hanging Around - 2013-05-13_205912_spontaneous-moments.jpg


1. Photo and hover by Gary Migues/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
2. Photo and hover by Adam Lichtcsien/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
3. Photo and hover by Petra Bensted/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
4. Photo and hover by Richard Sidey/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
5. Photo and hover by Peter Stanley/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
6. Photo and hover by Mary Gretchen Kaplan/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.
7. Photo and hover by Francisco Mingorance/National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest.

Tales of the Duck Patrol

We were twenty klicks behind the lines, scouting an enemy bread depot. The air was thick with the stench of silence; every crackling blade of grass felt like an explosion in our own private hell. “Sarge, think we’ll get a medal for this?” asked Beakman. “Right now, kid,” I replied, “I’d settle for some pumpernickel.”

Via FuLynHu.

Ooh la la! Disco Wants a Biiiiig Kiss!

My name is Disco. I’m a parakeet. Bird to your mother. Discooooo! What seems to be the problem officer? I am not a crook. There’s the cat. Meow! Meow!

He had us at Discoooooo, MsJumpinJude

Good Morning, Class…

“All right, class, just a few notes before I turn things over to your professor. Due to last week’s food fight, fish sticks will no longer be served in the cafeteria. Also, this week’s pep rally has been rescheduled to Thursday. Finally, please join me in giving a big Antarctica U welcome to our new exchange student…”

Via Daveybot.


The newest sport among the trendy daredevil urban parrot set: Pole Surfing!

Via Ingrid Taylar.

Cute Overload: Your One-Stop Source for Rubber Duckie News

HONG KONG – Rubber Duck, the traveling art project currently gracing Victoria Harbor, is feeling a little… deflated. According to CNN, the 54-foot inflatable duck is mysteriously dead in the water. Reached for comment at his home on Monster Island, film legend Erniezilla says he’s “inconsolable.”

ANAHEIM, CA – Dozens of decorated ducks tried their luck in Disneyland’s charity Rubber Duck Race through the canal of “it’s a small world.” On a tragic note, several ducks tried to drown themselves after enduring the ride’s iconic theme song.


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