Ow. Quittit.

Ow. Quittit.
Ow. Quittit.
Ow. Quittit.


Doin’ The Budgie Bop

It’s easy. Just bounce up and down. Try it right now!

From Frîncu M.

Bet He Gets Picked On At School

Always happens to the little guys. Kids can be cruel.

(This little fellow is in fact a Scarlet-cheeked Fig Parrot.) From Zoobornz. Spotted by Smedley.

Juvenile Chicken Humor

(peeppeep) Dude? (peeppeep) Dude? (peeppeep) You got some food on your face!

Fave Frame:

And then he said, “Guess what? Chicken butt!”, James H. via Youtube, where you can see many more videos of Oscar the cat and his chicks!

There’s Birds, Then There’s Pichí

There’s cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.


There’s Rolls Royce, then there’s Pichí.
Pichí says, “Ahem. If you’ll permit me, there’s Rolls Royce cream puffs, then there’s Pichí.”
. . . . Silly Pichí, there’s no such thing as a Rolls Royce cream puff.
Pichí says, “There is now.”
  8412591030_1a23eb00bd_bFrom Ana F., “Hello, my name is Ana and I have a lovebird, it´s name es Pichí. He always live free with me in a small loft in Canary Island. My English is no good, but I´d like to show you some photos for your page. I hope that you like. Thanks you very much.”

Honey Can U Put Another Bird On The Antenna?

Telly is coming in a little fuzzy, thenks awfully.

Photo by Phil C. of Burnham in Buckinghamshire UK as spotted on the Telegraph.

Hi And Welcome To Jurong Bird Park!

“Thanks for coming to Jurong Bird Park, I’m Ollie Ostrich and I’ll be your tour guide today. Before we get going, anyone have any questions? No? OK, well hope y’all brought plenty of sun block ‘cuz it’s a scorcher today, so let’s shove off! Everybody into the tram, keep hands and feet inside at all times!”

Cuteporter Antonette U. tells us, “I took this shot- wished it was my pet though. :)”

What Has Wings?

Butterflies do!

Adorable baroo ducklings do!

Titmouses Titmice Teetsmooses This titmouse does!

Caterpillars do! Wait, what?

“Mamba (Black) Swallowtail Butterfly chasing the drips around the hose as we
watered the lawn” taken at Selati Game Reserve, South Africa by Alex T.
Puddin’ the duckling from Jacqueline F.
Photographer Colleen B. captured the super cute titmouse.
Last, but not least, Josè Louis R. took the last photo and Emilie F. “had to share this picture I stumbled on of European bee eater birds snuggled together on a branch…together they make a fluffy flock of cuteness!”

Lona, Duck of Dexterity!

After CO introduced Lona to the world, sender-inner Nicole C.  followed up by sharing a new photo to let everyone know, “This is what Lona looked like the very next day! ;-)”

Lona at the The Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary.

The Great Escape

Don’t worry, I’m a trained professional.

Duckling, Lona, getting a little help from her friends at the Dingle Wildlife & Seal Sanctuary, Co. Kerry, Ireland, sent in by Nicole C.