A Shot O’ Tequila

This little guy knows how to bust a move.

From T.O.


Everyone Flocks To Japan

We’ve seen all kinds of specialized cafes in The Big J. Kittehs, of course. Owls, and even Penguins, too. Now Robb S. brings a “Small Bird Cafe” to our attention. It’s called the Kotori Cafe, on Omotesandō Street.

(In the area? It’s right here.)

According to Where In Tokyo.com, “This unusual cafe is populated by parrots, parakeets, sparrows and cockatoos for your bird-watching enjoyment. After you’ve finished your coffee or tea you can spend five minutes in the interactive zone at the back of the cafe. There, a staff member will apply disinfectant to your hands, and show you (in Japanese) how to handle and gently play with the resident birds without getting bitten.”





“Booplesnoot?” That’s A New One

Check out this interesting quirky set of diagrams- they give you a clearer picture of exactly what is where on various adorabuhl creatures. Well, most of ’em are adorbs. Mebbe not the last two.

OK, definitely not the last two.







As seen on Neatorama and It’s OK To Be Smart. Bird Diagram from Bird & Moon, helpfully pointed out by DB. “Cat’s Anatomy” as seen on Trupanion.com, from Night Owl.

Grumpy Side-Eye Action!

I do believe that Sunny is giving us just a LITTLE bit of attitude. Maybe it’s because there’s a toaster nearby.


“Hi Cute Overload team, this is my cockatiel Sunny, looking like a little weirdo while napping with her foot tucked in. She is terrified of toasters and loves lentils. A complex creature.
Even if you don’t post hope you enjoy the pics! Thanks for your fantastic website!” -Jill S.

[PS: We did, and we do! -Ed.]

Dream Catcher

Canadian photographer Andre Villeneuve took this photos as seen on Bored Panda, of sqwerls and titmice hanging out and snacking together.

Quoting the BP article, Villeneuve says “My camera is almost a dream catcher.”

Can’t argue with that!







How About..A Half Hour O’ Bebeh Finches?

Seriously, you will love this video taken in Pasadena, CA. Bebeh Finches being born and stuff, and peeping their puffy leetle heads off. Sit back, and glow -n- flow!

From Toorima.

ATTN C.O. PEEPS: Knitted Birds Nests Needed STAT!

Cuteporter Mary P. sent us this Urgent QTE-Flash email. Let’s hear it, Mary:

I need your help. So far, I’ve only been able to knit 3 and a half of the 1200 nests Wildcare needs for this year’s crop of orphaned baby birdies. With your help, I bet the Cute Overload community can make the needed knitted nests in no time! Wildcare is located in San Rafael, CA. (North of SF.) This link has info on how to help.”

Got Plans For Mother’s Day?

If not, just cozy up in your nest! (And later on, maybe order some takeout.)

“I had a Mourning Dove build her nest in the middle of the hanging basket on my third floor deck one year. I had to let the plant die, couldn’t really water it. 🙂 -Karen M.”

Eye in the Sky, My Oh My

SOLVANG, CA — It was revealed today that the NSA (Neighborhood Seagull Annoyance) had expanded its surveillance drone program to three additional beaches. An NSA spokesgull defended the move as necessary for detecting terrorist surfers as well as telling that one guy who keeps sunbathing nude on his patio to take it to the tanning salon because seriously, Kevin, we can all see that and it’s gross.

Via Reddit.

This Birdeh Is Absolutely Daft

Check out the moves on this Snipe Dude. According to 22 Words, a fellow was taking a video of this bird crossing the street, when he noticed the bird seemed to be dancing to a “Daft Punk” song playing in his car.

(The song is called Something About Us. From those dudes who perform with the space helmets on.)