Rock-A-Bye, Bikke

SOMEone’s a bit on the sleppy side, wouldn’t you say? (Thrown off by yesterday’s holiday.)


Bikke The Munk’s First Anniversary

We love us some Bikke, for sure. Now, the video says Bikke was born February 7th, 2014- so we’re not quite sure what “anniversary” means. But who cares? We get another Bikke video!


Bikke The Munk is back! Check out the Slo-Motion Nomming, too!

Mo Slo Mo

Earlier today, we got some Maru in Slo Mo- now it’s Bikke The Munk’s turn.

“(Singsong) Bikke’s Got A New Friend…”

Bikke The Munk is back, and she’s got a new special someone!

Friday Afternoon Is BIKKE TIME

Bikke The Munk is (always) ready to relax. Check out the ONE PAW UP at :34- he then segues straight into FULL COMMANDO MODE.

Oh, and BTW, here’s another one JUST IN of Mr. McMuzzlepowsche.

New Bikke Pistachio Chomping ACTION!

Our new favorite Nutso Creature From Japan chows down on breakfast. Or maybe lunch. Could be dinner. Or a snack.

Stop What You’re Doing RIGHT NOW And Watch This

A public service from C.O.

Weapons Grade Cute, Part II

You might recall this epic clip from last week. It turns out this Munk is named “Bikke.” And what does Bikke like to do besides stretch, you ask? Nom sunflower seeds while watching…..I have no idea what that is.


This is WEAPONS GRADE CUTE on a beeline from The Big J. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.