That’s IT – Moving To Tokyo – SEEYA!

MORE from JP? We just had marshmallows, and now—a NINJA HAMSTER HOUSE!!!! Can’t..take..much more of…this. Is RocketNews24 hiring?

[Memo to self- call agent. Wait, I have no agent. Disregard.]


And what the heck, let’s toss another log onto the fire. DED. (clunk.)

Cuteporter Andrew Y. FTW.


マシュマロの狂気 (Marshmallow Madness)

In the grand tradition of, um, this post, the great folks from The Far East are handing us our asses heads on a QTE plate.


We saw this once before, but not to this degree. Check the detailed hovers c/o RocketNews24. The company that makes these is called Yawahada– their FB is here. RN24 says they only ship inside Japan- but maybe if you contact them and whine a lot, they might change their minds. The FB page says “We are working on enabling international shipping and hope to make a good announcement to you in the near future.”











Now For Something TOTALLY Different

Normally, automobiles don’t make it onto Cute Overload. But since these made my head explode, what the heck. #Japanisonarollthisweek.



始めまして (Nice Ta Meetcha)(Update!)

UPDATE!!! Cuteporter Andrew Y. just alerted us to a BIG OL’ HONKIN’ BATCH of new photos. Voilà!

Clipboard01 From now through September 13th, visitors to Keikyu Aburatsubo Marine Park in Kanagawa Prefecture, southwest of Tokyo, can actually shake hands paws with Asian small-clawed otters. (English version of the site is here.) Folks dip their finger in Wakasagi Smelt extract, then poke it thru the hole.












Quoting Steve L. of, “The program is open daily from 11:50am on weekdays and from 12:40pm on weekends and holidays. Admission is 500 yen (about $5) and reservations can be made by phoning the Park directly. Due to the popularity of the program, you really ‘otter’ call before visiting.(+81-46-880-0152.)”


* Updated images 1-10 + video spotted on
*Remaining images (I think) originally from

Japan Will Not Let Up

The Land Of the Rising Sun consistently kicks our butt outperforms the US when it comes to The QTE. We’re just helpless ovah heah. We just saw the otters shaking hands deal, right? Now this. Cuteporter William D. sends in an email with the subject line “Oh my, the one with the duck on his head.”

That gets my attention.

A duck on someone’s head? (FYI the top row that comes on at about 1:07.) Must check it out. So William goes on to say “Animated cute, but…have you seen this? It’s amazing. Japan wins the cute arms race again.”

Yes. Yes, they do.


CNN Reports! Animal celebrities of Japan!

Doo day too too too too too [news-coming-over-the-wire-sound] CNN reports! Animal celebrities of Japan! Oh and, how nice of CNN to mention us too:

America is no stranger to cute animal culture. Memes featuring lolcats have been popular since 2006, Cute Overload spearheaded the cute animal blog movement in a huge way years back, and a cleverly shaved Pomeranian named Boo has more than 3 million fans on Facebook.

See the entire article here.

And without further adooooo; my TOP THREE Japanese animal celebs IN ORDER! HAI!





Meanwhile, at Kyoto Municipal Field…

Welcome back, sports fans, to this tense game between the Tokyo Sumos and our own Kyoto Beagles. If you’ve just tuned in, you missed seeing the Beagles catcher completely flattened by a Sumo runner sliding into home. And so the Beagles have called a short time-out while a replacement catcher warms up in the bullpen…

Another quality foraged link by Ant.

Cuddle a Cuppa Kitty at a Cat Cafe

In the same vein as its bunny bistros, Japan’s cat cafes are cozy, caring — and cute. Few apartments in Japan allow pets, so patrons pay a fee to lounge with the friendly felines, observing rules to ensure a clean and happy environment for all.

From the blog Sea of Shoes, spotted by Ian F., who also pointed us to the site for the Chamamo Cat Room, where these photos were taken (click here for English translation).

To Curry Favor, Favor Curry

Here’s another one for our WTF (white tabby flavoring) file: A kitteh who just loveses him some curry, only not for eating. From our friends the Japanese, of course.

Welcome to my humble abode

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