Rats, It’s Monday In Chicago

This Ritty-Rat and Therapy Doggeh are Windy City BFFs to the max! Please meet the Dutch Shepherd therapy dog Osiris, and his little pal Riff Rat.🐺💕🐭









Multiple Rules Of Cuteness ALERT!

Let’s tick ’em off, OK?

#01: Putting a paw up is cute. (Two of these!)

#03: An inquisitive look is cute.

#07: A thing, accompanied by a smaller version of that thing, is always cute.

#95: Throwing off a little Side-Eye is cute.

(Pinterest. You KNOW we’ve missed some If we’ve missed any, add ’em in the Comments.)

So…We Got (Another) Email From Westley

Processed with VSCOcam with s2 preset‘Member Westley The Bernese Mountain Doggeh from earlier in the month? Well, he’s written us another email.

“I am now 4 months old and growing, and much more comfortable around new people. I’ve started puppy class and enjoy playing with fellow classmates. I’ve learned how to work the puppy eyes for treats.”

The Binkie Force Is Strong With This One

Meet Princess Leia, a Giant Boxer. She can’t fall asleep unless she has her Binkie. Big baby, she is.

And here’s some GIF action, too.

(Story from Mashable.)

I’m Gonna Put MY Money On Tank

This HAS to be an Encore Presentayshe but doggone it, I can’t find it..which is not surprising. We got a nice email from Efrat A. of Tel Aviv, Israel that included a link to this video. “Visiting Cute Overload is one of the first things I do every morning, and always brings a smile to my face and warms my heart. Thank you for this!”

Well, you can thank TANK, too. #Busted #Grounded

You Mess With The Big Guy- You’re Messing With ME

[Yeah, he may look like a big ol’ tough guy, but in truth…he’s a cream puff. And I got to look out for him, you know? So take the attitude somewhere else. If I see you messing with the Big Guy again, you’ll answer to me. That’s a fact.]

Thanks to John, who spotted the image here.

Meet Sophie & Sarah (And Friends)

268F635700000578-0-image-a-12_1426172376801Meet the friendliest, floofiest pair of Mop Tops you’ll ever find. This is Sophie and Sarah (no, no clue which is which) from the Netherlands. That’s them above (on the left?) with pals Jason and Ashley, at McDonald’s for Sophie’s birthday. Burger and fries, once a year!

Bored Panda says “6-year-old Sophie and 4-year-old Sarah are sisters from different litters, but they’re still inseparable.”















But I Don’t WANT To Get Up

[I’m a GREAT DANE. If MARMADUKE doesn’t get up on Saturday mornings, I shouldn’t have to, either!!]


OK, That’s Enough Of That

[Listen Little Guy, I appreciate the effort and all, but I can clean my OWN Muzzlepowche, thanks very much SQUASH.]

“Reminds us of Barney, our wonderful St. Bernie. He thought he was the size of this little kitten, and loved to snuggle in bed with us. What a great dog he was. Our animals really and truly help define what kind of people we are. And, with all the MILD EXPLETIVE DELETED going down in the world, Cute Overload is saving many an individual who might not be able to crawl out of despondency on their own. You should get awards for that alone.” -Barb and Paul, still no rain for ’em in the 925.

I Have NO Idea Who They Belong To

Blue-and-babies[I DO know ONE thing. NOT mine.]

“This is my niece’s Great Dane named Blue and his two baby sisters, Vivian and Shayla. The photo was taken by Vanessa Boyd. Thanks for all the joy and cuteness you bring into our lives each day. You are awesome!” -Renee A.


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