I Have NO Idea Who They Belong To

Blue-and-babies[I DO know ONE thing. NOT mine.]

“This is my niece’s Great Dane named Blue and his two baby sisters, Vivian and Shayla. The photo was taken by Vanessa Boyd. Thanks for all the joy and cuteness you bring into our lives each day. You are awesome!” -Renee A.

If I Can’t Pick This Frisbee UP….

[….I guess I’ll just STOMP IT to death!!]

(Daily Mail.)

Anyone Want Some Waffles For Breakfast?

Waffles WellingtonYesterday we brought you the saga of Tugboat Jones! Well, we did a little more checking, and it turns out that The Tugger has a brother.

And his name is WAFFLES.

From Jamie B-H.

The “But I Don’t WANNA Go To The Vet” Look

Iq7AD77He/she is being hauled SOMEwhere, and from the look on his/her face, it’s PROBABLY not to the park for playtime. Checkup, anyone? (Reddit.)

Maybe I Can Hide This In Here (The Sequel)

Wally The Sqwerl and his huge pal Jax The Bernese Mountain Dog clocked in at #5 in the top videos of 2014. Now they’re back and Wally is still BUSYBUSYBUSY eating nuts from/hiding nuts in Jax’s fur. Jax seems rather placid.

(Boing Boing!)

The Story Of Lennon & Figgy

Check this story out for a maxmimum amount of AWWWWWW. The YouTube clip says, “Figaro (the cat) was found on the street in bad shape. After getting all taken care of, he was ready to meet Lennon (the dog.) Figgy was extremely young and I do believe he was trying to nurse with Lennon. Almost two years later these guys get along plenty. Figgy uses his paws more than Lennon! Figgy loves to sneak up on Lennon and play tag with him.”

From Lisa J. as seen on Love Meow.

I’m Gonna Bug Ya ‘Til You Play With Me

You’re a big huge fluffy Dog Mop, and this Knucklehead Nigerian Dwarf Goat named Peppa Lass keeps messing with you. What do you do? Why, you just sit there and take it, of course. You have no choice- Nigerian Dwarf Goats rule the world- we’re all just renting space on it.

A Tail Of Two Friends

One’s big and has a long, floppy tail. The other is small and WANTS the long, floppy tail. That sums it up nicely.

(Mashable. Also note- not much sound in this one, no need for Speakers Up.)

We Gotta Blow This Popstand!

You’re Dot The Ferret stuck in the living room. Between you and freedom: Shady The Big Dog and a Security Fence.


Later on, a little thank-you-for-the-assist payback:


Annie Loves PB & J

Wait, just make that PB—hold the J, please. “Hi CO Folks! I recently moved to Denver and have been doing the long distance thing with my partner until he & our doggeh, Annie, join me next month. I was sick a little while ago and he made this movie to make me feel better. Can I just say it worked?? Featuring a special appearance from Annie’s TEEF! (You’ll know it when you see it. Thank you for making my life a little brighter each day.” -Courtney B.

(Video by Gavin Mason.)


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