I Don’t Wanna ‘Tock About It

6alEBXs[A terrible day. AWFUL. Started off by going to the Vet. When that's at the top of the agenda, the day is going straight into the pooper. So then we went to the pet store for a really horrible Halloween costume. I look like a big daisy, if you can believe it. She dressed me up in front of The Cat, who immediately ran off to tell his friends. Time for bed. I'm just gonna plop right down and drool for awhile. Sigh.]


One Of The Best Words In The World Is…


Get some friends together and try it all at once- it’s fun for everyone! And while you’re doing that- get a load of THESE ‘Tocks -N- Beans, eh? “Hi, Miss Dora would be so pleased if you were to use her ‘Tocks and Beans puppeh photo during ‘Tocktober.” Glad to be of help, Ruth J.

Milo, OMG, U Did NOT Eat Another Delivery Guy!

photo (1)[So whut if I did? -BURP- Needs more ketchup.]

With thanks to Nina R.D.

Beauty Sleep

[We all have our little tips n' tricks for staying young. A little cat dog nap in the afternoon and I'm as fresh as a daisy. Leave the door open a crack on your way out, right?]


Friday Haiku: The Baroo

To do a Baroo
You tilt your head right or left
That is all there is

From @BabyAnimalPics

Oh C’MON, Just Play For A LITTLE Bit, Huh??

[Lemme just give ya a little nudge here, OK? Well, maybe two nudges. OK, THREE nudges. OW! Boy, if the other dogs seem me doing this, I'll NEVER live it down. Sheesh.]

Wendy M. found this on The Buzzzzz.

‘Tocktober: The Return Of Eiger

unnamedEiger’s somewhat massive ‘Tocks-N-Beans first showed up in ‘Tocktober 2013- and now, thanks to his Hoomin Indy D., he’s back for an encore visit. “Here’s an updated Tocks N’ Beans picture of My Eiger Man all grown up now,” Indy tells us.

Gonna Need Some Clean Up On That Window Sill

(Great Batman collar, right? That might be ’cause his name is BRUCE WAYNE!)

Ride ‘Em, Cowboy! Uh, Cowboy?

Now, can the German Shepard really be that big? And can the bebeh hoomin really be that small?

From Wimp.com.

Rump Day: Meet Meaty

13065583624_751649a17a_oThree days down, two to go. That’s what Rump Day is all about! Today’s “Rump Day” poster boy is none other than Meaty! “He is a Bulldog/Pug mix. He is about a year old and very lovable and cuddly. My husband and I got him from a rescue shelter. Photos taken by me, Amy H.”


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