Gonna Need Some Clean Up On That Window Sill

(Great Batman collar, right? That might be ’cause his name is BRUCE WAYNE!)

Ride ‘Em, Cowboy! Uh, Cowboy?

Now, can the German Shepard really be that big? And can the bebeh hoomin really be that small?

From Wimp.com.

Rump Day: Meet Meaty

13065583624_751649a17a_oThree days down, two to go. That’s what Rump Day is all about! Today’s “Rump Day” poster boy is none other than Meaty! “He is a Bulldog/Pug mix. He is about a year old and very lovable and cuddly. My husband and I got him from a rescue shelter. Photos taken by me, Amy H.”

You Are The Wind Beneath My Jowls

Pilatus AKA Pilly The Weimaraner is experiencing the TRUE meaning of “Life In The Fast Lane.” If the car gets pulled over for speeding…who gets the ticket?

From The Squideroo.

Hey! U Over There! Who’s The BEST Puppeh EVER?

That’s what we THOUGHT you’d say!

Andrew Y. with the spot.

Epic Muzzlepowsche FLAPPAGE

Stella’s back for another C.O. Visit. Stacy M. (Stella’s maid/chef/stylist) says: “Hi again Cute Overload!! Thought you might like this video of sweet Stella napping after a crazy day. I recommend turning up the volume to hear her superb snoozing snorky sounds! Stella loves being featured on Cute Overload, she tells all the dogs in the neighborhood!!”

If Yer Happy And Ya Know It…

…wag yer tail! Then repeat!



[Sloooooooowly........I POUNCE! Wait, where'd the tail go? That's MINE! Stay STILL! I is not all done with you yet!]

Now That Will Be QUITE Enuff, Ro-Ro

These aren’t just any lil’ puppehs. These are Great Danes so big they need their own zip code. So here’s the story–Ro-Ro is getting all the loves. Dinky wants in. That’s it.


Man, I Gotta Sneeze!!!

[I don't know how much longer I can hold it.]



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