“Hey Honey? You Gonna Rake The Leaves?”

output_BCw7IT“I can’t find the wheel barrow! Once I do, I’ll take care of it!”

(Sprocket the Cairnwich and George the Bichon, c/o Ingrid H.)

Let’s Paws For This Announcement:

IMG_5059Digit is back and brought a friend with him! “You remember Digit? Orange Polydactyl (with a monkey?) Here he is with his tabby best friend.” -Amy S.



Everybody Needs A Hug…

Baby baboon…now and then. Am I right?


ResQte Of The Week (Wednesday PM Edition:) Tino

This first Floppy Eared Photo just keeled me DED DED DED so it’s not gonna wait ’til tomorrow. “This dusky little schnozz belongs to Valentino (AKA ‘Tino’), my 11-month old rescue,” writes Erica P.

Tino Smile
“He’s 16 pounds of long sproingy legs and, as you can see in the above picture, he is an ecstatically happy puppeh. Tino’s favorite things are: (1) Snorgling Oscar, my elderly gentleman of a cat…”

Tino and Oscar
“..(2) Running at the speed of light, and (3) Leaping over tall buildings (or at least over the extra tall baby gate I installed in hopes of giving Oscar a breather.)”

Tino Schnozz

“You Made Me Love You”

This kitteh is pulling out ALL the stops to get the pupster’s attention!

“You Made Me Love You” by Helen Forrest.

So U Wanna Sleep Late Today?

Go ahead! Just try and KEEP IT DOWN OVER THERE!

A Smedley discovery.

Chorkie Nosevember Action

sputnik-supercutenoseWell, well, well. We got Double Nosevember Dudes here, don’t we! (OK, a Dude and a Dude-ette.) Take ‘er away, Silke B.

“My Chorkie Sputnik made his Cute Overload debut in July, but since it’s Nosevember I have some new Nose-pics for you!” [Nose..picks? -Ed.]

“Sputnik just turned 8 and loves to sleep in. A few weeks ago he was woken up way too early by the neighbour’s kitten who was playing on our kitchen roof. On top of that his little lady Pushinka (below) couldn’t stop whining about the Kitteh. Poor Sputnik just wanted to get some sleep!” -Silke, Sputnik & Pushinka.


Flashback Friday: “Psst- U Know Where They Keep The Cheese?”

8(2)From Photolight.co.il, 1964. Credit: Walter Chandoha, National Geographic.

Hey- U Wanna Be Groomed, Or What?

[Let me just take care of these fleas ya got back here- and do you mind if I have a seat after I’m done? Thanks!]

Either The World’s Largest Dog…

…or the world’s smallest deer. OMIGERSH.

From Susan M.


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