OK Buddy, Let’s Go For A Walk

[But don’t think I’m gonna do this for free ALL the time. Next time, it’ll cost you a couple of dog biscuits. Clear?]


Because U Can Never Have Enough Frenchies

IMG_8187That might need to become a new Rule Of Cuteness- it’s an absolute truth. Whitney R. tells us, “I work at the Oregon Humane Society. I recently sent you pictures of my supervisor’s puppy Bear, and I promised to send you some pictures of my two French bulldogs. My Frenchies are named D’Artagnan (brindle) and Montague Marshmallow (cream.) In regular life, they are known as Darty and Google, or Dartles and Goober, or Turtles and Goose.”

“They go by many names! As you can see, they are besties and love each other very much. Their favorite activities are wrestling, napping, snoring, begging for treats, and, of course, being absolutely adorable. Thank you for sharing my pups’ cuteness with the world.”


Let’s Not Be A Pig About This

Guys, please. Share and share alike! [*Note: Dogs like lettuce? Who knew? -Ed.]

Featuring Itchy The Dog & Scratchy The Guinea Pig. Filmed by Humberto Z. Submitted by Brittany B.

It’s Caturday, And If You Want To Sleep In~

…that’s OK with us. Your snuggle buddy might wanna get up, though- you’re on your own there.












From Bored Panda by way of Vajda Beeee.

Dateline: São Paulo, Brazil!

IMG_0297We get emails from all over! Arthur and Taís write: “We are attaching some photos of our two Frenchies Girls, the two year old Sookie (the black one, as from True Blood,) and the one year old Buffy (the brown one, as from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer.”)

“We live in São Paulo, Brazil. Sookie is the kind of dog that thinks she is a person, she loves people and makes sure to greet everyone as she makes her walks.”

“Buffy, on the other hand, loves to play with other dogs or play alone.”

“She doesn’t give as much attention to other people and sometimes she plays for hours with some toy all by herself.”




Floyd Is Now Offline

imageGrab your stuffie and we’ll see you on Caturday morning, eh? “Hello Cute Overload! Please feature my favorite kitty friend, Floyd! I get to cat-sit for his owners, Michaela and Marc. His best talents are cuddling with stuffies, and blending into the couch. Thank you so much! Photo by me, Heather R.”

“Hey Honey? Why’s The PC Screen So Smeary?”

“What do you mean? I just cleaned it yesterday with some of that screen cleaner stuff. BTW, have you seen Sebastian and Hamlet?”


Dateline: Frederick, MD!!

IMG_5229Carolyn R. writes: “Late Monday night, in the middle of a snowstorm, a field mouse found its way into the bedroom. Rather than trying to catch said rodent, I wielded my most effective weapon: The Cat. When the mouse skittered into the bathroom, I introduced it to Kannon, the resident feline (above image) and closed the door for the night. The next morning (below) we discovered that, overnight, cat and mouse had become BFFs. Kannon is apparently a member of the interspecies peace cooperative.”

P.S.: “No animals were harmed during this tale.”

Geno & Friends

4Why have one cute critter per post, when we can just as easily squeeze three in there? Let’s do it! “Hi there! This is my boyfriend’s adorable new kitteh, Geno,” says Jessica G.

“Here is Geno with his kitteh brother Sid and his doggy sister Jasmine.”

“Prepare to explode from cuteness.”


♫ Life In The Slow Lane ♬

Yes, that’s a SKATEBOARDING TORTOISE. With Wally The Sqwerl in the background.

Where is this place and how can I be there now?



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