OK, We Need A Name Here

IMG_1723…but NOT for the Puppeh- for the Stuffy! Or, the, er, “Stuffeh.” “Draco the dog got a stuffed cat that is in need of a name. Draco’s owner is asking Cute Overload readers to make some suggestions. You can go formal like “Mr. Fluffypants the 3rd” or abstract like “Frizzle” but Draco and his owner need your help with a name suggestion. (Note: Mr. Fluffypants III and Frizzle are not actually being considered as names.) -Kelley S. of Orlando, FL.


I mean to tell you- this one came in JUST a minute ago, via Andrew Y. I was editing like a BANSHEE. Sure he sent it in 20 hours ago but whatevs. Oh, yes it’s been a busy one today–that big ol’ Anniversary thing comin’ up ya know- so sing it from the rooftops: TGIF!

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(From Andrew Y. who found it on 9Gag.)

ResQte Of The Week: Meet WHALE

12011140_10153636055264869_205984637857533838_n“We who volunteer with Sante D’Or have had Cute Overload luck before, so when I saw this picture I thought ‘Brinke. Brinke must know.’ So bigger kitty Cobbler – an alum of Sante D’Or…was wary of foster baby Whale at first. She was curious but not exactly friendly. After a few days, Cobbler began to let Whale play with her tail, and even played a little with her, and then volunteer Megan found them napping together like this! These babies benefit from Race for the Rescues next month!” –Quinn C.

[*Note: WHALE? Best kitten name ever. -Ed.]

Caturday: “Jack, Your 2 O’ Clock Is Here”

Jack the Cat Masseuse is giving Bella the Great Dane the complete treatment, and Bella doesn’t seem to mind one bit. [*Note: Annoying Hoomin Commentary included- consider killing the volume when playing. -Ed.]

Ollie And The Hedgehog

We couldn’t hold this one ’til Flashback Friday! Ollie The Puppeh meets a new friend, who…doesn’t LOOK quite like the others puppehs he knows! Who IS this spiky guy??

Ozzy And Eeyore, Just Hangin’ Out

Ozzy The Weasel makes a welcome return to the pages of Cute Overload, and he’s brought his friend Eeyore along with him for a game of hide ‘n’ seek!

ResQte Of The Week: Bella

unnamedFrom Jo B. “Hi C.O.! We’re very excited to share the news that we adopted this little floof ball from the Milo Foundation in Pt. Richmond, CA., about six weeks ago. Bella and I found each other while I volunteered there during the Wednesday afternoon Cuddle Club they started this summer (she was rescued from a high-kill shelter.).

Our other pooch, Kit the Doxie of previous C.O. fame, has been mostly welcoming (although sometimes alarmed) by the energy Bella brings to each day. Thanks for making me smile every time I see you!”

unnamed (1)

Hay There! You Work Out?

[Here, lemme come on over with some of the good stuff- not that cheapo stuff you usually get. Nothing but the best for YOU, hon.]

(BuzzFeed, from Andrew Y.)

The Return Of Penny And Roo

Remember Penny and Roo from the Winter Of 2014? (Not to be confoozed with Turbo Roo, though a similar circumstance.) Roo’s the Prosh Wah Wah and Penny’s the one with the wild hairdo. Here’s an update on their story!

Caturday: Kittehs -N- Peeps, O MY


(Boing! Boing!)


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