Ever Have One Of THOSE Days?

The weekend is still an eternity away..it’s only Toesday. Feel like the whole world is ganging up on you? Wish you could just GET AWAY? Yup, it’s like that.

From Jennifer A.

Toesday Fresh Furbaby Fotos

NinjashardlifeFresh Toe Beans zoomin’ in from Down Undah! Dr. Nome, of Perth Western Australia says “It’s been yonkers* since I sent in some cute pics of my fur family. Now we have added a new fur baby – The Ginger Ninja!” (Above and next two photos below.)

“We fostered and then adopted him after he and his brother were found abandoned. He has settled in nicely with the rest of the fam.”


Ernie The Caramel Golden Doodle has grown up a bit since the last time you guys would have seen him.”


[*Must be ‘Stralian for “A long time.” -Ed.]

You Mess With The Big Guy- You’re Messing With ME

[Yeah, he may look like a big ol’ tough guy, but in truth…he’s a cream puff. And I got to look out for him, you know? So take the attitude somewhere else. If I see you messing with the Big Guy again, you’ll answer to me. That’s a fact.]

Thanks to John, who spotted the image here.

William! It’s Me, Rupert!!

Rupert The Fennec Fox is seriously excited to meet up with his ol’ buddy William The Cat. William, though- merely acts like a cat and wanders off. Imagine that.

From Concord Barb and “Wishing we now had a Fennec Fox” Paul.

One Of These Is Not Like The Others

[Now you guys hold still. EVERYONE gets a turn! Just quite yer’ squigglin,’ OK?]


Headline THIS: “OMG Frank, The Times’ Critic Is In The Second Row!

IMG_0647[UPDATE, 1:26pm PT: Ack! Sorry, late with the update again! Let’s just say Mondays are the longest waits at the Comcast place. That’s the updated header c/o Catvicc4r!]

That’s what Jenny S. in NYC wrote. She adds that the names of these two are Reddington and Ella- guess that’s Reddington on the left and Ella on the right? Anyways, think up your best header and put it in the Comments- we’ll update with the best one around 1pm PT!

Rats, It’s Monday!

10718658_924161217597982_380378623_oAnd….a hearty WAKE UP, EVERYBODY! Rats…it’s MONDAY! Who do we have here?

“Hello there! I have definitely got the cutest pets ever!,” writes Alexandra T.

“Their names are Pistachio and Cashew, they are 1 year old grey-faced and white-butted hooded Rattys. I am adding their best photos! :D



Side-Eye Saturday

Now, there’s no such feature- but if there was, this would be a prime candidate. “You guys were cool enough to post my pig-pup Hamlet and his disapproving snow-stache a month or so back…thought you might get a kick out of him and his new baby sister, Sybil. Happy ‘Spring'”! -Michaela D.


Oh Come ON and Play Wit’ Me, Goggie!

The rambunctious (is there any other kind?) little kitteh Flea wants to create some havoc with Cosmo, and all ol’ Cos wants to do is just sit there.

Just A Capy And Some Ducklings…

…taking a bath. What, like you’ve never seen this before?

(JoeJoe The Capy and some fuzzhead friends, from Arbroath.)


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