#Tocktober: Bee-Lieve It!

Sharon D. suggests that Bees are “another under-represented group.” I think that’s an accurate statement.


I’d Think Twice, Little Guy

[I KNOW you feel like maybe stinging me or something- but I’d buzz OFF if I were you. Just a friendly word of advice. OK? We good now?] (Imgur.)

Hey! Busby! Wake UP, Pardner!

It’s time to POLLINATE, baby!

“I didn’t even know that bees sleep – this is SO CUTE!!!” -Imogene B.

Can We Bug You For A Minute?

Bugs don’t end up on C.O. often because they’re…bugs. BUT. In this case we’re makin’ the exception! Please say hi to the Quality ‘Tocks of the Tiger Bee Fly! (And check out the little Bee Ray Bans™ he’s wearing!)

Problem here- these guys are close to extinction, which is NOT appropriate. Learn more at RN24.

From Andrew Y.

Rump (BZZZZ!) Day

And we’re through another Rump Day- just two days ’til the weekend. This little guy can’t wait- he’s getting his Buzz on, NOW.

“Saw Mr. McBuzzersons enjoying the flowers at the local nursery. Thought the ‘tocks were cute!” -Victoria B.

♫ “Just A Spoonful Of Sugar….” ♫

“Me and my housemate saved a bee from drowning and gave it some sugar water so that it could fly away,” says Imgur submitter “Pixieal.”

Friday Haiku: BEE!

Ready for landing
Bee flies low to the flower
Gets pollen in face



From Hadel G.


Holy McCrappulance! Lookit that little dood. Post title mos’ def’ inspired by this comment thread.

“Bee ‘tocks – with an added bonus of bee snorfage! Credit goes to Big Year Colorado Photography.” –Jennifer G.

Bee’s ‘Tocks

K.H. is our Reader O’ The Day. He sent us an email with a subject line that read:


*Snerk* OK, so I was able to decipher this Net Newbie mess and we found a terrific shot of: Bee’s ‘Tocks!


Right after he sent that email, a mea culpa arrived. (Or maybe a Bee-a Culpa.)

“Holy crap, did I actually put that in the subject line? Like a grandma in 1994 or something? No, no, NO, I am NOT one of those people… yikes. I just hadn’t seen the change to how Gmail’s interface works when I click on an email link from another page… no wonder it wasn’t letting me do a carriage return. I AM SO EMBARRASSED. This is not how I am. Please. Do not remember me like this. Just look at the bees’ tocks. Thank you.” *slinks away*