Holy McCrappulance! Lookit that little dood. Post title mos’ def’ inspired by this comment thread.

“Bee ‘tocks – with an added bonus of bee snorfage! Credit goes to Big Year Colorado Photography.” -Jennifer G.

Bee’s ‘Tocks

K.H. is our Reader O’ The Day. He sent us an email with a subject line that read:


*Snerk* OK, so I was able to decipher this Net Newbie mess and we found a terrific shot of: Bee’s ‘Tocks!


Right after he sent that email, a mea culpa arrived. (Or maybe a Bee-a Culpa.)

“Holy crap, did I actually put that in the subject line? Like a grandma in 1994 or something? No, no, NO, I am NOT one of those people… yikes. I just hadn’t seen the change to how Gmail’s interface works when I click on an email link from another page… no wonder it wasn’t letting me do a carriage return. I AM SO EMBARRASSED. This is not how I am. Please. Do not remember me like this. Just look at the bees’ tocks. Thank you.” *slinks away*