Help Us Moo, You’re Our Only Hope

Bouncing Bebeh Goatsters Lady Bug and Princess Leia of the Sunflower Farm Creamery run into Moo The Cat, who seems totally disenchanted with the entire thing….bored, even! Imagine THAT!

Bebeh Goats…With Bows

And if that wasn’t enough, you’ve got bebeh chicks and fuzzy pups and..could it be? It IS! A BEBEH MUNTJAC! Well, that’s it for me today. Bye. (Klunk.)

Maureen P. found ’em here.

Why Walk When You Can Skip?

There isn’t anything in the world that’s more jumpy and twitchy than a Bebeh Goatster. And that’s why we loff ’em.

When Bebeh Goats Stampede!!! (2015)

Remember this from last June? The massive Bebeh Goatster Stampede at Sunflower Farms Creamery in Maine? Well, it’s one year later and they’ve saved up a LOT of energy. Time to BLAST OFF!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

Bebeh Dwarf Goats. In PAJAMAS?

There are some things our puny little peanut brains cannot comprehend. Like…how big is the universe? How high is up? What color is the White House? Will the Cubs ever win the World Series?

Oh…..and THESE.

Andrew Y. found this on Buzzfeed.

Hop To It, Guys!

What’s better than spending a Bunday late afternoon bouncing around on a trampoline? As far as these guys go- nothing!

(Tastefully Offensive.)

“Oh Man, Here He Comes Again.”

[Can’t I get ANY sleep around here? I work all day as a livestock/family guardian dog. All I want is a quick nap. But NO.]



Is there anything else we need to say about this? No.



Famous Amos

image1So…THIS is where my favorite cookies come from! Goats. Chocolate Chip cookies. Who knew?

“Hello! This is Amos, our 9 week old Mini-Lamancha goat. We think he’s pretty cute (especially with milk on his nose) and I’m hoping you will too. Thanks! Cole P.



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