Gettin’ By With A Little Help From A Friend

This little fellow was having a problem with an infected bladder, which affected his ability to swim upright. So his hoomin stepped in and made a little gizmo designed to help out. Looks like a T-shirt tag attached to a cork. More deets on My Modern Met.

Here’s another fishy with the same type of issue, who is now mobile with a little harness help:


♫ Tomorrow May Rain..So I’ll Follow The Sun ♬

[Are we tired by the end of the day? Yes! That’s why we keep sleeping! Sometimes we NEED a cloudy day!]

[*Note: Advise muting the video audio and just roll the Fabs. -Ed.]

From Stacy M. as seen on T.O.

Have A Coke™ And A Smile

And that’s a wrap for a busy week here at Cute Overload, we hope you have enjoyed the show. More coming up tomorrow morning, ’cause Rats, It’s Monday already! So kick back, get ready for beddy, and maybe have a Coke™ and a smile with this little fellow, eh? (DP&F.)

Friday Haiku: Meet The Beetle

He once was so Fab
But now he is quite retired
Lives off royalties


As seen on Naturally Curious With Mary Holland, by way of Julia G. “I saw this guy in my news feed and I thought it was from C.O.!”

Ukraine Goats Really Knock Me Out

“I wanted to say thanks for doing what you do. I have been living in Ukraine since September, and there’s been a political revolution followed by an invasion. It’s great to come home and look at Cute Animuhls every evening, just to be reminded there’s still love and goodness in the world! In ‘Tocktober you published my goat-tock photo from my friend’s dacha. It turns out the goat had bebehs! They are sweet and soft and totally adorable!” -Emily C.

unnamed (3)

unnamed (4)