Rolling Panda Ball?

OK, it’s a little hard to tell just what you’re looking at here, lemme see if I can explain [looking over glasses, adjusting lab coat]

From left to right, two front paws, outstrayched. The the head, turned to the side with tiny teef showing. A tail overlaps the head area, followed by back feets and ‘tockular area. [re-adjusts glasses]


Right, Roxanne S.?

Panda squeaking and “Ehn!”-ing

Look, ONCE AGAIN, it’s my patented rule, when in doubt WHINE!Always works.

Even at the office.

Sender-Inner Emily M., I bet you let out a couple of Panda squeaks trying to send this to me.

Bear ‘tocks and paw pads

How often do you get to see bear ‘tocks AND paw pads? At CuteOverload, we SERVE ‘EM UP! (Not to mention the tailio Iglesias.)


Ehn! David Bean, EXCELLENT Bronx Zoo action!

Some days in the life

Day 1! [What animal could this be?]

Day 1

Still day 1! [Please note faintest of smiles]

Please clean my schnozzle.

Day 2!

Quit squeezin', Lady

Day 2 agin!


Day 7… [Dark circles, coming into focus around eyes!]

Someone git me some concealer, STAT

Day 25!!!11OMG!!1

Resist the urge to bite my ears off

Day 25, encore!

Lil' black vest painted on

Another photo from day 25…

Getting strong noooow! [Rocky music]

Day 30…

Incubatin' hibernatin'

Day 35!

Fuzziness factor: OFF SCALES

s’more Day 35…

Dreaming about eeeeeevil plans and otters

Day 85!

I smells some fresh bambooular treats

Day 90!


And finally, Day 120. ahn [head tilt]

Where the hecky am I anyway?

Emily S., you are toooooo much. This looks like Butterball the Panda—is it? Do tell!

YAWWWWN [streeeetch]



Hmm?  Whaa?
…Oh.  Sorries.

As the cliché goes, we’ve been up to our eyeballs in alligators.  (Hmm, maybe shoulda used that as the photo?  Dunno.  Can’t think yet.)  Wasn’t what you’d call a relaxing weekend.  Updates a-comin’ though.  This one’s from the San Francisco Chronicle again… gotta love ‘em.  Photo of Mei Xiang snapped by Ron Edmonds (AP).

Best photo of Knut EVAR!!!1!

Knut, the International Subearstar, is steppin’ it up a notch with this one. Crimminy, People.

Sender-inner Brinke thinks this is the best Knut photo yet. I am cautiously optimistic, but I’m wondering what you think. And I’m talkin’ to you Annie Leibowitz.



Brinke G., Danke!

Hibernation suuuuuuuuuuucks! [singsong]

Yer hair gits all matted and you have sleep in your eye capsules, and yer SUPER HUNGRY

BLEEEEHHH [claws flex]


Merci, Discovery Channel and Submitter Kory J.!


  Originally uploaded by 8X10 Elaine.



whoop whoop whoop

Panda ‘Tocks Alert, People!


Yahoo and Reuters are reportin’ that Knut the polar bear has something to say. (Please check out his "wazzup Bitches" [snicker] paw pads pose below)


And, that tongue ain’t goin’ back in, People.

The gut? priceless.


Katt, this is a totally potent submishe…

Name this Panda

In fact, don’t just name this panda, name ALL EIGHTEEN BEBEH pan-pan cubs in a Name a Giant Panda contest put on by the Research and Conservation Center for Giant Pandas. is collecting name submissions until February 5.

May I suggest: "’Tock ‘Tock"? (Will you puh-lease check out bebeh panda #13 below)



Pandafix, THE place to snort panda photos, told us about this breaking panda news. [bowing head in thanks] Oh, and Pandafix is the only place on teh InterWebs with a category called "Panda Lovemaking." And you thought I was weird.


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