Name this Panda

In fact, don’t just name this panda, name ALL EIGHTEEN BEBEH pan-pan cubs in a Name a Giant Panda contest put on by the Research and Conservation Center for Giant Pandas. is collecting name submissions until February 5.

May I suggest: "’Tock ‘Tock"? (Will you puh-lease check out bebeh panda #13 below)



Pandafix, THE place to snort panda photos, told us about this breaking panda news. [bowing head in thanks] Oh, and Pandafix is the only place on teh InterWebs with a category called "Panda Lovemaking." And you thought I was weird.

Hey Atlanta Zoo? High Five!

Check out the sweetness that is "Mei Lan" the prize bebeh panda of the Atlanta Zoo. She’s learning valuable lessons, right in front of your eyes!

Lesson 1. How to eat bamboo. Snorgle first, then place in chompers like Columbo.


Lesson 2. For best results during media visits, pretend it’s your 1986 school pic and post with a "log".



3. Life’s cruel lesson: [Say in Casey Kasem radio voice] "Keep your feet on the ground, and keep reaching for those stars"

Ehn! (Also, please note complete lack of ‘tocks)


and Lesson 4: Try and focus your eyeballs. This isn’t the Chihuahua exhibit.


Way to be a sender-inner, Erin G. ;)


Redonkulous Panditude

Um, MIRRORED Pandas!?

Especially imagery that involves Rule #7?!

Please, it’s too early in the morning for this.

  Like mom like son 
  Originally uploaded by somesai.

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

[Blue barrel tumbles over and over]

Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn! Ehn!

[Thunderous appause]



"I lurve my blue McBarrelsons."


Blue barrel, Polar Bear and Sender-inner Elizabeth B. Take a bow.

The bears are hogging the playset again.


[Snorting sounds]


[More snorting sounds]


[Sliding and snorting sounds]


Nicely done, Alicia B.W. ;)

It takes two bebbeh

It takes two! To make a dream come true…


Well done on the week old baby bears C Wichner!

Speaking of butterstick, hold on to your hats



I just went over to and saw this teeny curled tongue of delight. Yes, I just said "teeny curled tongue of delight." Not to mention the ear knobule of delight.


Holy smizzokes, TangTang and

Butterstick’s Ma is really flexible

I mean, LOOK at her rubbery back leg. I think she’s been doing pilates. And WHO KNEW that "Butterstick" would be a chosen name for this panda—Are we done with the ‘Ling Ling’s, ‘Tang Tang"s and "Hua Mei"s of the world?


B.L.L.A., nice submishe [head bow]

Panda sneeze shocker

Loooooooooooove the music…

Via: VideoSift, sent in by Ant!

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Let’s give a big "Paws Up" (or is it ‘Feets Up’?) to Bob E. and "Tai Shan" the Giant panda who turns a whopping 1-year-old this weekend. Bob E. runs the fine establishment: "" but you already knew that.


Panda ‘Tocks, Somesay! ;)