Everybody calm down—here’s a pic of Flocke.

Wow, almost 500 comments on the ‘Pa-sickie" video! You People are nuuuuuuuuuuuts!

[Patting you on the back] It’s gonna be OK. We’re all gonna be OK.


MSNBC did a story on Flocke ‘n’ Knut, your fave Polar Bear book-ends. Photo by Joerg Koch. Gracias to Sender-Inner Kristyn L.


Flocke makes public debut

Flocke made her public debut today at the Nuremberg Zoo. She jumped right on in (Check out entire vid on CNN…)


Welcome to the outside world, Flockie. Great update!

Bears! [Say in Colbert voice]

It’s that time of year again, when young bearages and their Moms come out of their sleepy, Wintery dens for a good flop.








EXCELLENT find, Specklet!

Lookin’ back at Flocke’s first swim

Let’s take a look back at The Proshness!

Heather D., thanks for the memorieeeeeeeeees [head tilt]

Cub “Wilbaer” gets Mom-handled

Freshly-borned polar bear cub Wilbaer and Mom Linda (just kidding, it’s Corinna) were unveiled at the Stuttgart Zoo in this recent vid. Check out Mom picking her kid up. Love it.

Great recommendayshe, Sparkeh

Bear census: +1

Bear Weigher Guy: "We got another one, he’s about 9 pounds, blue eyes, cute as a button."

(The Boston Globe says there is a bear census going on and this new little guy was just added.)


Very nice find, Bobbeh A. 😀

Let’s check in on Flocke…

She’s teeething!
She’s teeething!

RUN AWAY! (Before you get chomped)


For ALL Flocke news and glimpses of her eye capsules, check out this site. (English-language version)


Detlev R., the January photo archives on Flocke might kill Peeps. Thanks a lot.

Ma’am, we’re citing you for not having a carseat

Ma’am your Behbeh might fall off. Please get a car seat.

You’re a ‘bear’? Tell that to the Judge Ma’am.


Lori W., that bebeh has perfectly rounded ‘tocks.

Behbeh “Flocke” the polar bearski

This just in; teeny ears and even teenier eyes alert!

Paws, on the other hand are growing our of control.


Mmmm, milktastic mcNappersons… Zzzzzz


Thank you for the up-to-the-minute cuteporting, Jennifer M. More on the new baby polar bear here. Warning, brush up on your German 101 first.

More on that behbeh polar bear…

I guess she’s not going by the name "Knut Numero Dos", but "Flocke" or Snowflake.

Ahhnnnnggghh. Tongueitude.


Dorothee B., her eyes look like little tildes.  ~ ~