Ma’am, we’re citing you for not having a carseat

Ma’am your Behbeh might fall off. Please get a car seat.

You’re a ‘bear’? Tell that to the Judge Ma’am.


Lori W., that bebeh has perfectly rounded ‘tocks.

Behbeh “Flocke” the polar bearski

This just in; teeny ears and even teenier eyes alert!

Paws, on the other hand are growing our of control.


Mmmm, milktastic mcNappersons… Zzzzzz


Thank you for the up-to-the-minute cuteporting, Jennifer M. More on the new baby polar bear here. Warning, brush up on your German 101 first.

More on that behbeh polar bear…

I guess she’s not going by the name "Knut Numero Dos", but "Flocke" or Snowflake.

Ahhnnnnggghh. Tongueitude.


Dorothee B., her eyes look like little tildes.  ~ ~

Behbeh polar bear saved from getting chomped

This lil’ "Knut Dos" is going to be hand-reared in the Nuremberg Zoo after it was feared Momma might chomp on him. [sad head tilt]

Check out the movie here.


Oh My Deer, nice submeeshons.


Holy Rumble in the Jungle, People, check this baby brown bear action.

That one behbeh bear is all—"I KNOW my ears look dee-lee-shous, many have tried to eat them before AND FAILED HI-YAH KARATE CHOP"


Nice work, Ron N. Niiiiiiiiice.

4 minutes and 23 seconds of baby pandas wrestling

This vid puts the overload in Overload. It goes on and on and on with these twin, lumbering panda toddlers, wrestling with each other. There’s a giggling Japanese audience in the background. Do we love it? HEI!

I coulda taken 30 seconds, but this is The Overload, so there you go.

OMG, Who invited the BEAR?


This is Stephen Colbert’s worst nightmare.

Richard C., Did he bring the pecan pie like we asked? OMG, so rude.

Rolling Panda Ball?

OK, it’s a little hard to tell just what you’re looking at here, lemme see if I can explain [looking over glasses, adjusting lab coat]

From left to right, two front paws, outstrayched. The the head, turned to the side with tiny teef showing. A tail overlaps the head area, followed by back feets and ‘tockular area. [re-adjusts glasses]


Right, Roxanne S.?

Panda squeaking and “Ehn!”-ing

Look, ONCE AGAIN, it’s my patented rule, when in doubt WHINE!Always works.

Even at the office.

Sender-Inner Emily M., I bet you let out a couple of Panda squeaks trying to send this to me.

Bear ‘tocks and paw pads

How often do you get to see bear ‘tocks AND paw pads? At CuteOverload, we SERVE ‘EM UP! (Not to mention the tailio Iglesias.)


Ehn! David Bean, EXCELLENT Bronx Zoo action!


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