Interspecies Snorgling—Canada Style

Here’s what I think happened. This Polar Bear bear obviously saw the Interspecies Snorgling section of C.O. and decided to investigate his local options.

Tenative at first, the bear wandered over to a pack o’ sled dogs in Canada’s Hudson Bay and approached a Snorglee.


What followed next can only be described as a solid Husky Snorf™.


With one inhalation, the bear was hooked.


The public nomming displays kinda got outta control, drawing the attention of local photographers.


A great romance ensued, complete with chains [The sign of any great romance]


Polarbears_amazonI’m SURE everyone lived happily ever after. Snopes has verified this story, People. So it’s tewtelly for reals. Photos by the fabulous Norbert Rosing.

P.S., Norbert is the same Dude who took this awesome shot, on the cover of his book. Holy Symmetrical Haunch Action!


This year’s Koal-a-thon includes sunbeam napping competition…


…AND longest eyelashes:


May the best bear win, Jane H. who took these at The Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary ;)

If you must know, these aren’t my feet…

"… and we would really appreciate it if you gave us a little privacy, thanks."

'Glurggh mlurrgh ig gluurlge urg FLURRGH!'

Scandalous, Elizabeth H.

Back AWAY from the bamboo, Sir

Panda: OK! OK! [Paws up]

I was only going to Nom a small amount—I SWEARS!


You better get a otter lawyer Susan W.!

[UPDATE — ohhh I’m reprehensible, but CLICK HERE for Reality-Casual Flashback… – Ed.]

Pay attention to this perfect specimen [looking over glasses down nose]

Class, please note:
1. tiniest eye slit, sooooo tie-tie
2. Upright miniscule ear nobbule
3. Up-turned paw pads


4. ‘Tocks, splayed
5. More upright paw pad action
6. Overall lumpular shape


THAT, my friends, is how it’s DONE. Take notes, Kaisa K.

We need 5 tons of bamboo STAT!

[Panning across globe] Let’s check in on the China Wolong Giant Panda Protection and Research Center in southwest China’s Sichuan Province, where surviving pandas and workers are doing well. 5 workers were lost and 3 pandas remain missing after the quake…


Look at these guys, they’re all falling over themselfs and stuff.


Thanks for the update, Monica :) Full story at ChinaView.

Special Bearlivery!

Let’s check in on Wilbär the polar bear. from the Stuttgart Zoo and Botanical Garden. For some reason, Wilbär is shown chilling in a basket like he’s about to be delivered via stork.




Then, you gotta see his lil’ swim photos—so prosh. He’s all freezing his ‘tocks off and stuff.




Monica, thank you for alerting us to the basket and bathing action.

Have you ever seen a grown panda sneeze [16 times in a row]

I usually max out at three times in a row. Maaaaaaaaaaybe four. This guy must have a grasshopper up his nose.

Let’s not forget the ORIGINAL hilaious panda sneeze video either. Encore!

Whole lotta snorfin’ goin’ on RuthElisa K.!

Captive giant pandas found safe in China

After that devastating earthquake, that’s some good news, People. News via CNN.

This can only mean more snow rolling in preparation for the Olympics.

Su playing in the snow, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Su really loves snow!, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Yoga Master, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Hilarious Su Lin, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Rolling around in the snow, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

That’s one happy panda!!, originally uploaded by kjdrill.

Sleepiest eye capsules evar

CNN has this lil’ Thai bear falling asleep. Check out his smooshed schnozzle action NOT TO MENTION the best in eye capsulage.


Excellent submishe, Janny, Rebecca S. and Kate S.


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