Most pandas aren’t worried about the economy

Except the guy lower right with paws up.

He’s screwed.


Teddy bears…in…space!

According to The Daily Mail Online, the teddeh bears shown below are "the first soft toys to take part in extra-vehicular activity… at such an altitude."



Check out Bear Armstrong and Nose Aldrin here.

According to the story: "The teddy bears had to endure temperatures of -53C buthad special spacesuits made by school children from the nearby Parksideand Coleridge community colleges."


The Ted-astronauts weren’t ALL about fun and games. Scientist Henry Hallam, 21, said: ‘We asked the children to build the space suits for the teddy bears and we monitored the temperatures inside and outside the suits. It was great to involve these young people so they can learn about physics in a different and exciting way."


This bear threat-down brought to you by Mail Online, sent in by the uber-fabulous Vicki O.

Panda 101

Remember, Son, after you snorf your box of food, use a bamboo toothpick to make sure your teef are clean.

Good, Boy.

Like mom like son by somesai.

Veterans, we salute you!

On behalf of grateful humans everywhere, thank you. [Holding salute]


Let’s write a children’s book called “Playground Sounds”

Rock rock rock

[Brrrrring! Turn the page!]

Climb climb climb


Swing swing swing

[Brrrrring! Turn the page!]

Bridge bridge bridge

Look look look

Slide slide slide

The End.

Absolute redonkulousness brought to you by the letter "P" and Alaska Bear Playground by Umnak, Panda Cub by anitalee, Swinger by aqui-ali, queen of the castle by KCA, lookout by piggley, Sliding dog by fd.

Happy Taaaaails to Yoooouuu…

Well, friends, I see by the calendar on the wall that another ‘Tocktober is nearly behind us.  And so, as we tuck our tired tushes in bed for another year, we bid you a fond butt-bye — from the bottom of our hearts.

Maybe next year we can have Oct-TOE-ber.

‘Til we meet again, Stephanie C.

The Talk

"… you see, when a mommy bear and a daddy bear love each other very much, they … umm … go back to the cave, and … ahhh … well, it’s sort of like playing leapfrog, only without so much leaping …"

It's OK, we covered this in biology class already.

I can never get through this without using hand puppets, Melanie H.

The Bear From Ipanema

(a little musical accompaniment, if you please …)

Tall and brown and young and furry
the bear from Ipanema goes walking
and when she passes each bear she passes goes "aaah"

In the sea, he’s always waiting
He’d gladly give up hibernating
for when she passes each bear she passes goes "aaah"

Ohhhhhh, but he watches so sadly
Hooooww can he tell her he loves her
Heeeeeee would just give his heart gladly

But each day when she walks to the sea,
She looks straight ahead not at he …


May I have this samba, Melanie H.?

… and where the hell is that stewardess with my bamboo?!

"As soon as we land, check on my takeover offer for Panda Express, then move the board meeting to 2 PM and move my Tai Chi class to noon.  And get me two tickets for the Bears game tonight."

Now close the shade; 'Kung-Fu Panda' is on.

At least somebody’s making deals in this bear market, Elizabeth L.


I know we’re a few days into ‘Tocktober already, but we’ve finally got a good specimen for you. In fact, Sender-Inner Esther L. points out this photo would be EXCELLENT to show again as we transition into Nosevember. I’ll remember that.


Another San Diego Zoo gem—thanks, Esther L.


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