Rock on, Panda Dude!

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re getting nowhere. Live the dream!


Via Ministry of GIFs.


Bring it, Goldilocks!

Me and my three bears are ready for you!


Via Max Goldberg.

Top This, Mrs. Butterworth!

From our “Foods Too Cute to Eat” department, we bring you TigerTomato, creator of intricate pancake artwork. On second thought, Mrs. Butterworth, don’t top these pancakes — we like ’em just as they are. Even more videos on TigerTomato’s YouTube channel.

Grin And Bear It


(As seen on the Nat Geo Wild FB.)

BONUS BEBEH BEAR VIDEO HERE: Watch a GoPro™ get punched out.

From Mashable.

“Hey Honey? Now Can You Clean The Pool?”

UPDATED 5:48pm PT! (Longer video) “Uh…nope. Still not a good idea. Maybe…Saturday.”


“Hey Honey? You Promised To Clean The Hot Tub Today.”

“I know, I know. Can it wait until…tomorrow?”

“Can I Talk To U About Your Cable TV?”

[I noticed you’ve got one of those old-fashioned Dish things on your roof, there- with our FiBEAR Optic Cable, your TV reception will never be better!]


Watch Out! Belly Flopper!!!

Bruiser The Bear, who lives the large life at the Single Vision Wildlife Sanctuary in Florida, has had ENOUGH of the hot weather, and he’s diving IN.


Fifty In A Twenty-Five, Mister!

I’m gonna have to see your operator’s license. Wait- you don’t even have any pants. Gonna need to call this in. You stand right there.

Arne saw this image here.

Mom Taxi XLVII: All Aboard!

[“Does this bus make a stop at the snack bar? My kids are REALLY wanting some pizza. But they’ll take yours, too.] From Maureen P.’s fave site, the U.S. Dept. Of Interior FB.

[*Note: Big day coming up tomorrow- TGIF! It’s #NationalDoughNutDay..we’ll Flashback to 1921..and take a quick trip to a Dog Café near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo! -Ed.]