The Shortest Reindeer Santa

I guess we could also say…..the Greenest Reindeer Santa, too? (Imgur/Reddit.)

(*NOTE: Mea Culpa. We’ve been SWAMPED with “Reindog” photos and, well, I got me some Reindeer on the braindeer. Or something. -B.]



“Hey Cute Overload! This is Pippet, our 5 month old Bearded Dragon. She is very excited to announce that she will be going as a shark this Halloween. She also thinks she is the Indominus Rex from Jurassic World. Shot by Karla and Cody!”

P.S.- We don’t know what’s going on here:


Yeah, We’ve Used The “Odd Couple” Term Before

Let’s just use it one more time, OK? This is Puppet and Puff.

From Susan M.

Blah Blah Blah, ALWAYS With The REINDEERS

[Every year, RUDOLPH THIS and RUDOLPH THAT. How about…”Pookie, The Red Hatted Bearded Dragon?” OK, it doesn’t flow. I get that.]

Pet: Pookie, Santa’s Stand-in. Credit: Gina K.

Sutcliffe Weighs In

Sutcliffe The Bearded Dragon appeared on C.O. earlier in the month, and according to Cuteporter Anne F., “He’s still small…5 grams. And when I clean out his enclosure he likes to embrace my thumb.”

Well, a Bearded Dragon Pacifier will help with that, right?

Sutcliffe on my thumb2

Please Welcome Sutcliffe To C.O.

“I am currently nursing a little baby bearded dragon back to health. He has to have a tiny dose of medicine and food daily and is quite Cute. I’ve written about him here but thought you might enjoy the pics too…PS his name is Sutcliffe.” -Dr. Anne F.

Sutcliffe the Central bearded dragon