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Listen up all you unusual animals! How would you like to be the cutest? What if you too could be on Cute Overload?! Well, with pyrit’s patented posting process, now you can!
But don’t just take it from me. Listen to these *satisfied customers:

“It’s great! All the kittens are like, “We wanna be your BFFs!””

“The puppies like me! They really like me!”

“I’ve never been happier. Even bunnies approve of me!”

*spiders need not apply.
“Found this while looking at the new critters on Zoo Borns!  An aye-aye!!  So cute!!  Not sure how to give credit where due, but this is seriously cute!!” -Crystal A. N. Also, Encore Presentayshe.
“My boyfriend and I stumbled across this little opossum fella while out for a walk. It appeared to have fallen from a tree and was a bit stunned and wobbly. I contacted a local wildlife specialist and they recommended I bring it inside, keep it warm, and then bring it to a woman that specializes in opossum rehabilitation. This is one of the photos I got while it was warming up in the palm of my hand. It’s now in much better hands with the opossum expert lady.” -Katherine D.
Happy battersons from Bat World.

A ResQte’d Bebeh Bat. (WITH ADORB HICCUPS!)

This is just too QTE to imagine. “The whole thing is pretty funny, or you can skip to 1:20 for the Major Squeeage!” From Karen the Reds fan (and hubby Adam.)

Lil Draclette

Would you say this itsy bitsy bumblebee bat is also the smallest mammal in the world? Then you would be correct!

Yes, that’s right, “bumblebee bat”. See for yourself!

Via SciTechDaily.

Bat Selfie

Now, we don’t see a smartphone, but we know it’s there somewhere. Just look at that :) grin, willya?

As seen on the FB, from Susan M.

He Was Here! He Was Here!

Looks like Santa has already visited in Mineral Wells, Texas…headed off to parts unknown.


Just Back From The Dentist!

NO cavities, AS usual!

From Amanda @

Biff! Sock! Zap! Kapow! Zowie!

Do you sense a Batman theme? Of course! Could there be anything more incredible than Bat-tastic Bebeh Bat Yawns and Multiple Tongue Fleecking?

Yes, there could. How about a little Caped Crusader hanging upside down at the Oakland Zoo WITH ITS OWN TEDDY BEAR.

Video from Haley L. Photo of Kumba the Island Flying Fox found on the Oakland Zoo website sent in by Emilia.

Holy Bat Themes, Batman!

Chief O’ Hara, this may be one of the most redonk things evah. EVAH. The theme to the 1966 Batman show “sung” by….BEBEH BATS.

Wanna Trade Places With Mary?

SURE you would! ‘Cause if you did, YOU’D BE BRUSHING BEBEH TREE BATS!!! GAAAAAAA!!!

“Here is a video of me brushing baby tree bats. These were all orphaned. We rescue ill, injured and orphaned wildlife for release back to the wild.” -Mary C.

Nom Nom Bat

This isn’t a Lil’ Drac video, but eet’s close! Watch how this little Bat-Dude snarfs up dinner. (Turn up the speakers for the Nomming Sounds!) MMMMM, mealworms!

From Adam Cox.