BATS! It’s Monday!

With Lil’ Drac on hiatus, leave it to Adam at the Wakaleo Animal Channel to hit us up with some Bonkers Bebeh Bat Burritos.


mid shot row

[*Note: We’ve got another pair of C.O. Calendars to give away..coming up at the top of next hour…stand by! -Ed.]

Actual Memo To C.O. From Marla

To: C.O.
Fr: Marla C.
Dt: 11/10/14 11:47am PT
Re: Holy baby bats!


It’s me again.

Okay, so I was trolling around on Facebook for cute ahnahmuls, as I am known to do, and I ran across THIS.

Can you EVEN?!

-Marla C., Senior Project Lead, COMPANY NAME REDACTED


Bats, It’s Monday: To The Bat Pole Poll, Robin!

If you’ll recall, last Friday we had a Poll on Creepy Crawlies. And in the comments section, Jodi asked, “Could we please do a poll regarding bats? I’m extremely phobic and when I happen upon a bat pic on C.O. I freak out!” OK, fair enough- to the Bat Poll! (Bottom of post.)

Photos from BuzzFeed.

Rats, Bats, it’s Monday! (Again)

DSC08345CWC“If I’d only known sooner! Baby orphaned bat at the California Wildlife Center in Malibu, California. He was just about the size of a quarter when this was taken. And he’s fuzzy!” -KB.

Rats Bats It’s Monday (Updated!)

If we can have it be Rats, It’s Monday- seems only fair to give these Prosh Lil’ Hanging Dudes equal time.




From Parade via Sender-Inner Cathy.


“This thread isn’t complete without the picture of a bat in Batman pajamas. Includes major side-eye action!” SKuo.



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