Look What You Get In Just ONE Post:

1.) Princess DI eyes AND Side-Eye.

2.) Squeaking.

3.) Batman ears.

4.) Little White Booties and Pink Toe Beans.

Seems like a good deal where I come from.


Looking Prosh In Pasadena!

Just the right size for a Christmas stocking, no? “I would like to submit some photos of our shelter kittens in their new Holiday Sweateuw. These kittens are hoping the sweateuws will help get them a home for the holidays. Photos are credited to Pasadena Humane Society. Thanks for your consideration.” -Jamie H.

Preeeeeee-senting…THE AMAZING THEO!

Let’s welcome this little knucklehead to C.O., shall we? Quoting his very own FB page: “I am a poly-toed kitten in Austin, Texas. I enjoy snuggling, chasing my tail, & waking up my owners by sitting on their face!”






(Gabrielle F.)

Caturday Afternoon: Rule #40 Action!!

Sleeping in a sunbeam is cute.” Without question. “Fred hugging Jenny Lee- these two babies are being adopted as a pair.” -Monica S., Somerset, NJ.

‘Tis The Season

A lot of folks have either already put up their tree or are doing it this weekend. Looks like Tank here already has the lights out and everything! “Tank ‘helping’ with the Christmas tree lights.” -Angela T.”

Snowpuff McGrumperson

We’ve seen that look before…have we not? “Snowpuff McGrumperson” from The Harv at CHOTK.

Weekend At Bernie’s

“This is Bernie in a recent Chicago snow storm. He still had a little bit of lunch left on his snoot!” -Dawn B.

Nosevember Is Dot-A-Licious

When I think of Dots, I first think of Dippin’ Dots. However, THIS Dot makes me rethink all that. “This is my cat, Dot (short for Dot-a-licious). She slept all day yesterday following the time change and I just couldn’t help sending some photos of some of her more interesting sleep positions. She was smashed up again a couch cushion most of the day until she then turned sideways and went all-in. Photographer: Dot’s mom.” -Janie F.


Headline THIS!

(UPDATE 2:18pm PT: Thanks to April for “Lil’ TUB,” and to everyone who wrote in! Sorry for the delay- been rooting thru a bag of Brach’s Pumpkins to see which ones didn’t get the green stem on top.- B.)

How ’bout this Little Batman Head, eh? This little critter has its paws in something– can’t quite make out the container name, tho. “Hi Cute Overload, this is a meowing kitten in a cheese container Cute enough for you to post?,” says Dugyu C. [*Note: It is. -Ed.] “My mom sends me stray cat photos from back home so i don’t feel homesick and this was one of them.”

You know what to do! Write up your best headline, and we’ll post it up ’bout 1pm PT!

PRIME Rule Action Here!!

People, this be where the Rules started! The Prime Rule. Numero Uno. This dates back to November 14th of 2005. Rule of Cuteness #1: “Putting a paw up is cute.” Was cute then. Is cute now. Case closed. (I think we can call for #25 in here too,right?)

“This is Poncho waiting for his order of Chicken Tenders at the drive thru. I love how he’s sitting with his feet in opposite directions and that he appears to have a Modesty Paw.” -Julie H.