Just A Capy And Some Ducklings…

…taking a bath. What, like you’ve never seen this before?

(JoeJoe The Capy and some fuzzhead friends, from Arbroath.)


Are U A Silly Puppeh?

Some puppehs really don’t like to take a bath. And then…there’s Gracie.

“I think Gracie could show the “non-swimming dog” how it’s done. I call this one ‘Lab Puppy + Tub = Fun!’ Every time we put Gracie in the tub for a bath she just has a complete blast. You can’t help but smile after seeing this one.” -Sue G.

[And doesn’t she say “Silly Puppeh” perfectly? Not Pupp-E…Puppeh. Textbook. -Ed]

Tiiiiiime to go to the vet!

Ooooohhhhhh kkkkaaayyyy, wwwwweeellllll bbbbbbeee rrrrrrrreeeaaaadddyyyyyyyy iiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnn 2222222222::::::::::0000000000333333333 . . . . . .

Fave Frame:

Via ThePetCollective

It’s Been a Long Week

Soakin’ and soothin’ in a pink tub o’bubbles. Lettin’ the world go by!

Ready to face the world again!

Thank you for sharing your sudsy buddy, 四川 成都

I Swear It Was Thiiiiiiis Big!

There I was, in my raft, shooting the rapids, salmon, leaping on all sides, a huge one jumped beside me, it was so close, I reached out, I almost had him, I leaned out, a little further, just a little further….

That is some fish story Merlin (Himalayan) and Stephanie P.