Hey, Anybody Need A Bath?

[Yeah, you! Mickey. You could use some sprucing up. C’mere.]

From the video: “Mickey Mouse likes to jump up into Magilla Glub Glub’s basket and get a good cleaning. Mickey is blind and often jumps up to find an empty basket, but when Glubby is there she’s so happy. Both cats are from Rwanda but are now living near Boston. Their sister Lady Bubbles prefers to clean herself.”


Hattie’s First Bath

We’ve been following the (mis)adventures of Hattie The Westie for a little while now; and today, things take a turn for the worse wetter. As in: First Bath Ever.

Shiba Spa

There are some animals that you can’t get into the sink/shower even if you used an industrial-grade tow truck. This Shiba Inu is not among those, though. Wait for the post-shower reaction at the end. #BANANAS.

(Andrew Y./RN24.)