“Hey Honey? Have U Seen My Phone?”

“Ah, I just saw it on the kitchen counter. Let me check with Rocky- he might have borrowed it again.”



Buddies 2.0

Buddies (1.0) was a little over a year ago, featuring the wonderful work of Russian photographer Elena Shumilova. Now it’s time for Buddies II! (You can also see more photos on her Flickr album.)











(Panda of Boredom.)

Caturday: Добро пожаловать домой, кошка! (Welcome Home, Cat!)

Cuteporter Halia K. sent us this story and video. “I read this on a Swiss website. Apparently, it’s considered good luck in Russia to have a cat cross the threshold of a new home before anybody else. Picking up on this tradition, a Russian bank’s renting out “specially trained” cats to new home buyers who entered a mortgage agreement. The bank’s clients are asked to sign a document agreeing not to mistreat these animals, and that they won’t hold the bank responsible for any potential damages caused by the feline.”

PS- “Some people need coffee or energy drinks to survive their workday; I have Cute Overload! Thank you for your fantastic work!” -H.K.
PPS- “Being called a “Cuteporter” would make my day.”

Funny Cat (Тонкая Pябина)

We present a video about a kitteh snoring/sleeping with what sounds like some type of Russian accordion music in the background. (That, plus it’s fun to type a Russian word in the headline.)

From Sergey.

Русские сделать это снова! (Russians Do It Again!)

Fascinating look here at some Russian Kittehs that we might otherwise nevah get to see. Kudos to Cuteporter Mira A., and thanks for the headline! What say you, Mira?

“I would like to report more cuteness coming from Russia. I do think Russians are overtaking Japanese in cute-ology. Here is some proof, I give you cats of the State Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg.”

Mira adds, “Hermitage had these portraits commissioned to celebrate their feline co-workers.”


These images are from 123Inspiration.com.


Artfully done by Uzbek artist Eldar Zakirov.





Squee? What Is This Squee You Are Speaking Of?

So Josh Norem sends this video over, and adds “I don’t know what any of the text says, but I’m imagining it’s the Russian equivalent of “Squee.” Of course, this means me trying to do battle get all clever with my old adversary Google Translate- but in doing so, I found there is no such word.

Well, who needs words- this one will leave you speechless, anyway.