Think You’re Gonna Need A Bigger Lap

[C’mon, don’t stop now! No hard feelings about eating your toy boat, OK? And hey, put Sharknado on again, too!]


(9Gag by way of Andrew Y. Tricky online file conversion voodoo c/o


When SharkPuppehs ATTACK!

Poor thing—she never had a chance.

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Cruise Control

As #SharkWeek continues, check out this Hammerhead as he/she cruises the ocean floor with a GoPro c/o diver Andy Casagrande. (And don’t miss the Outrageously Cute Little Tiny Shark Remora or Suckerfish holding on for dear life on the Hammerhead’s, er, head. He falls off at 1:12 but jumps back on at 1:22!)

Interview With The Shark

qc-sharks-picIn honor of Shark Week, we’re presenting a World Exclusive Twitter Interview with Mary Lee, the Great White Shark. (A CUTE one.) You can track her here!

Mary Lee, thanks for taking the time to be with us. Tell us about your travels.
I’ve traveled 2,0471.186 miles since I was tagged Sept. 17, 2012, in the Atlantic Ocean off of Cape Cod. And boy are my fins tired. -;()

We all know why sharks get a bum rap- the movie’s 40 years old this summer– will U see it?
I assume you’re referencing “Jaws.” I was just a pup when Bruce wreaked havoc on the Orca. But…maybe. So hard to find swim-up theaters -;()

What do you think of “Shark Week” and “Sharknado?” Were U asked to take part in those?
“Shark Week” has the potential to inform and replace fear of sharks with facts. That’s why it’s shark week every week at @ocearch. -;(). “Sharknado” is so ridiculous, yet entertaining, that I have to laugh despite myself. My only recent TV appearance was the Today Show. I wasn’t asked to participate in “Shark Week” or the latest “Sharknado.” Their loss, ha ha. -;().

Do you do your own Tweets (@MaryLeeShark) or do u have help?
I do my own tweets. I try to have fun and play off what my followers say, but also remain respectful to @ocearch’s mission. -:()

Plan on visiting Amity this summer? Maybe say hi to Sheriff Brody?
Let’s just say if you’re visiting Amity this summer…you’re going to need a bigger boat. -;()

Bunday Morning Comix (Shark Week Edition)

It’s time for Shark Week! Above from Liz Climo; bottom image as seen on Twitter. Stay tuned tomorrow morning for an exclusive C.O. interview with Mary Lee The Shark—7am PT!


Da DUM…Da DUM…Shark Week’s Almost Here

Sunday kicks off another edition of Discovery Channel’s annual Shark Week feeding frenzy, bring up the age-old question; Are Sharks QTE? (A lot of, er, rough publicity the last week or two.) However, judging from these Encore Presentaysh videos- it would seem so.

Of course, Sheriff Brody may disagree.

How To Survive A Shark Attack (As Told By Kittehs)

From The Bad Timing Department: With Shark Week looming, there have unfortunately been quite a few reported shark attacks in recent weeks. Should you find yourself in this, er, unenviable position, here’s how you need to respond. Leave it to kittehs to tell us what to do.

WHO Wants Some Tummy Rubs? WHO Does?

Oh, YOU do, Cute Little Leopard Shark! Here we go, then!



(Bored Panda.)

Poll: Snorkeling & Snorgling

The first thing people think when they hear the word “Shark” is: “Da DUM….Da DUM…Da Dum Dum Dum Dum Dum.” Let’s face it, Sharkies have a bad rep, deserved or not. So check this guy out- he gets all warm -n- fuzzy with a Big Ol’ Chomposaurus.

What do you think? Is this guy nuts for trying this? Or is Tarantino The Tiger Shark QTE & Cuddly after all? Take our final Poll of the year! (Thanks to Paul & Barb.)

“That’s IT! I Am SICK OF Shark Week!”

[Sharks get all the publicity this week! Look what I think of THAT! Why U haz no kitteh week???]

Via Peter Green @ Providence Raptors.