“I Do. And So Does The Alpaca.”

Wanna get married in The Big J? If you can afford the air fare, you might want to check out this wedding hall in Tochigi Prefecture on the island of Honshu. You can arrange to have an Alpaca as a witness to your vows. (What? No Pikachu riding on its back?)

The RN24 article says no, there’s no little-known Shinto or Buddhist thing that mentions Alpacas as good luck.

The brides and grooms just think it’s Cute. See, some things need no translation.



National Alpaca Week? Who Knew?

Uh, Sharon B-C did.

“Here in Oz ( Australia ) we love Alpacas so much we don’t just have a National Alpaca Daywe have an entire week! And why not? Have you seen those Googley Eyes and Juicy Schnozzles? They even have open farm days so that you can pet an Alpaca. 🙂 Thanks for all the smiles, keep the cute coming!”

Alpacas Share The Loff

A great snuggly story here, People! (The speaking is in German, but it’s easy to get what’s going on here. These therapy Alpacas live at a nursing home near Berlin, and are brought inside from time to time to interact with the residents. And to watch TV.)

From Arbroath.

UK ‘Paca Action!

[We simply don’t have enough Alpacas on Cute Overload. Can someone look into this astonishingly inept performance? -Ed.]

“Attached are a few photos of Alpaca that I hope you will consider posting,” reports Krista K.

“My boyfriend and I ran across an Alpaca Farm on the moors of Devon when I was visiting his childhood home in the UK. The Cutest of them all was this Bebeh Alpaca (above) poking his nose through the fence to get a better look at us. In the photo below, this guy gave us an especially inquisitive look; the way he (or she) had that grass positioned in his (or her) mouth reminded me of a scrutinizing, old farmer chewing on a piece of straw.”

Alpaca on the Moors

“May I Suggest ‘Odor Eaters’ For You, Sir?”

[“I might have some for you in my backpaca.”]

You’re Staring At Them, Aren’t U

From Leslie U., who posted this on the Cute Overload Facebook page:

“I live on an Alpaca Ranch and take loads of videos and pictures of the Bebeh Alpacas…you are more than welcome to scour my page if you would like, and I’d be honored and thrilled if you use my stuff.”

Lives..ON…an ALPACA RANCH. Takes PHOTOS…of Bebeh Alpacas.



Alpacas Rock! Alpacas Roll!

And, they shake their pom-poms! Expectant Alpaca Mama Lily (due in November) and daughter Rose do a little celebrating upon arrival two weeks ago at Children’s Zoo at Celebration Square. They are even having a Royal Alpaca Party on September 28! How posh!

“Hello CO! Just wanted to share with you our newest zoo residents- alpaca mom Lily (sporting the white fleece) and her one year old cria, Rose (adorned in scarlet). Donated to us by a private owner, these two are pure pedigrees with fancy lineages (pinky up!)… but within the first day in their new enclosure, they were ready to get down and dirty. Watch their little pom-pom tails and fluffy ‘tocks just wiggle with excitement! This was their first day in their exhibit after a looooong trailer ride. We all love your site! Cordially, Lizzy S.”

Heads Up!

The Poodle Bangs hairdo… …it’s the latest fad!




These alapacas live near the village of Winklarn near Regensburg, Germany. Via The Star

Like “The Bodyguard” But With Livestock!

Cuteporter Dan H. sent this story to us, and even supplied the headline.

Would you wanna mess with those alpacas?